The Facts

Types of Auctions

  • Live, In Person Event
    • This is what everyone thinks when they think “auction”. This type of auction will have the auctioneer in real time with bidders in front of them. Bidders will raise their paddle numbers on items they wish to bid on.
  • Online-Only Event
    • Pictures will be taken of your items and will be posted to our online partners site. Auctions that range from a single item to complete business or personal liquidations.
  • Live & Online Hybrid Event
    • This will be your general live, in person auction but we will also have staff taking bids from the internet at the same time.


Is your auctioneer a reputable businessperson?

With over 30 years of experience in the auction industry, the team at ProCountry has worked many types of events throughout the Midwest. Our lead auctioneer, Scott Werlein, is a member in good standing with both the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, for over 30 years as well. 

Is your auctioneer knowledgeable with the value of your property?

ProCountry conducts 30-50 personal property auctions annually. Furthermore, Scott works as a contract auctioneer selling cars, cattle and equipment for many large auction companies in the Midwest.

Who will be responsible for organizing you auction?

The ProCountry team organizes all auction that they conduct.

Who will be responsible for advertising your auction?

The ProCountry team gathers the listing of items that will be sold and publishes the advertising for each auction.

What type of accounting system does the auctioneer use?

ProCountry utilizes a computerized based clerking system to clerk all their auctions.

What financial reports will the auctioneer produce for you?

ProCountry generates a detailed report of all items that are sold, the value of each item sold for and a summary of the value of all items sold. A detailed summary of all costs associated with the auction are also included.

Will your auction be advertised on the internet?

All ProCountry auctions are promoted on, Facebook, Google Ads,, and other auction websites.

What is a buyer’s fee?

A buyer’s fee is an additional cost added on to the initial purchase price. 10% is a common buyers fee charged by some auction companies. Example: An item purchased for $100 with a 10% buyer’s fee results in the buyer paying $110 for the item. As a result, buyers will bid less at auctions to compensate for the buyer’s fee. ProCountry DOES NOT charge a buyer’s fee at live/onsite auctions.

Does the auctioneer communicate with you throughout the auction process?

ProCountry stays in contact with you throughout the auction process to keep you informed of upcoming deadlines and other dates related to your auction.

Does the auctioneer have your best interest in mind?

ProCountry understands that selling your property can be difficult and overwhelming. As a result, they respect your questions/concerns and will work with you to ensure that your auction is a success.