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Types of Auctions

  • Live, In Person Event
    • This is what everyone thinks when they think “auction”. This type of auction will have the auctioneer in real time with bidders in front of them. Bidders will raise their paddle numbers on items they wish to bid on.
  • Online-Only Event
    • Pictures will be taken of your items and will be posted to our online bidding site. Online auctions can range from several consignors to a complete business or personal liquidation.
  • Live & Online Hybrid Event
    • This will be a live, in-person event but staff will be taking bids from the internet bidders around the country at the same time.


Why should I sell at an auction?

With over 30 years of experience in the auction industry, the ProCountry team has worked many varieties of auctions throughout the Midwest.  We've seen firsthand the popularity of auctions and their ability to draw a crowd. More than half the total US population has attended a live auction! Auctions offer sellers a quick turnaround time, giving them the control of knowing when and where their items will sell, without the extra work of advertising themselves. ProCountry uses social media, print ads, mailed flyers, and email notices to advertise to a huge variety of potential customers. We thrive on creating an exciting atmosphere at our auctions, pushing our buyers to come prepared to bid. If they truly want the item, they will bid competitively until they win. When the auction is over, a seller is left with little to no cleanup because each item goes up for bid and when sold is immediately hauled away. There's no packing away tables and storing unsold items like closing down a garage sale.

Is the auctioneer knowledgeable about the value of property?

ProCountry conducts 30-50 personal property auctions annually. Additionally, Scott works as a contract auctioneer selling cars, cattle and equipment for many large auction companies in the Midwest. There are very few items he's never had the chance to sell, and he'll certainly do research to determine the market value before selling your property.

How do I consign items for the monthly online auction?

Bring your items to the ProCountry Auction Center any time Monday - Friday from 9AM to 4PM. They will remain at our auction center until the auction ends, at which time the new owner will come pick them up. If the item is too difficult to transport, we can always photograph it at your location and still have it on our sale. When you consign your items, we'll do all the describing, picturing, and advertising. All you'll have to do is sit back and watch your assets turn into quick cash.

How do I register to bid on an online auction?

In order to bid on a ProCountry online auction, you need to have created an account. Enter your online auction of choice from the ProCountry website. Then you'll click the maroon "BID ONLINE NOW!" button to enter into the bidding platform. This will take you to a screen that shows the items on the online auction. The first three items you should see will always be the "Buyer Terms", "Inspection", and "Pick Up". Find a maroon button that says "REGISTER TO BID" and click it. This screen allows you to sign in if you've already created an account. Simply enter your email and password to sign in. If you haven't created an account, click the "No account? Sign up Here" at the bottom of the sign in window. Here you will enter your first and last name, email, and the password you would like to use. Once you've created an account, go back to the bidding platform and sign in. You're now ready to bid! If at any point you're struggling to bid online, please call the ProCountry office at 715-495-0814 or stop in to see us and we will do everything we can to help you get onto the bidding platform. 

How do I bid on an online auction?

When bidding on an item you're interested in, you'll have three options. You can press the maroon button to bid the asking amount, or you can click the down carrot at the right end of the maroon button to reveal a drop-down menu. Here you can bid an exact amount or enter a max bid into the system. To bid an exact amount will move the price of the item to the price you bid. Entering a max bid will allow the system to bid for you while you are away from the bidding platform. The max bid placed will only be reached if another bidder bids against you until they match or beat the bid you entered. You may delete a max bid if it hasn't been reached yet, but you cannot delete a bid for an exact amount. If you make an erroneous bid please call the ProCountry office immediately so we can do our best to sort it out.

Does the auctioneer communicate with me throughout the auction process?

ProCountry stays in contact with our sellers throughout the auction process to keep them informed of upcoming deadlines and other dates related to the auction. We are readily available to answer any questions our seller may have and we encourage them to call or email us with these questions. We work for our seller and keep their best interest in mind. We know the process of selling property can be difficult and overwhelming, so our goal is to exceed the seller's expectations while making the process easier on them in any way we can. Whether it's a week before the auction or the day of, we will be available to fix any problems that may arise or simply just assure our sellers that everything is still going according to plan.