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ONLINE AUCTION ENDS:              Monday, October 18nd @ 6 PM

INSPECTION:                                  Friday, October 15th from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
                                                           GUN INSPECTION BY APPT- CALL 715-495-0814

PICK UP:                                          Wednesday, October 20th from 1 PM to 4 PM                                                   
LOCATION:                                       W5433 County Road V, Durand, WI                       


1548Weatherby Orion Over/Under 12 Gauge ShotgunSerial #: AU15702
1549Browning A Bolt 30-06 RifleSerial #: 17416ZT358
1550Remington 870 20 Gauge Pump Action ShotgunSerial #: RS69298Y
1551Stevens Model 84C Bolt .22 Short or Long RifleStevens Model 84C Bolt .22 Short or Long Rifle
1552Mossberg 500M 12 Gauge Pump ShotgunMossberg 500M 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun
1553Remington Model 03-A3 30-06 Rifle Serial #: 3560515  Bolt Action
1554Stevens Model 87D Bolt .22 Short or Long RifleStevens Model 87D Bolt .22 Short or Long Rifle
1555Stevens Model 87A Bolt .22 Short or Long RifleStevens Model 87A Bolt .22 Short or Long Rifle
1556Baikal 1ZH-81KM 12 Gauge Pump Action ShotgunBaikal 1ZH-81KM 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun
1557Grundig Zauberklang Hi-Fi 3068 RadioGrundig Zauberklang Hi-Fi 3068 Radio
15586' Tall Santa 6' Tall Santa 
1559Jack Daniel Gentleman Jack Whiskey BarrellJack Daniel Gentleman Jack Whiskey Barrell
1560Budweiser Select Lighted SignBudweiser Select Lighted Sign
1561Budweiser Lighted SignBudweiser Lighted Sign
1562Anheuser Busch Lighted SignsBig One Does Not Light
1563(8) Items (4) Tall Tins  Budweiser Can  Copenhagen Ad Display  Dr Mcgillicuddy's Mirror  And Winston Thermometer Is Broken
1564White Rabbit Saloon Framed PosterWhite Rabbit Saloon Framed Poster
156512 Gallon Redwing Crock 12 Gallon Redwing Crock 
15665 Gallon Redwing Jug5 Gallon Redwing Jug
15674 Gallon Redwing Crock4 Gallon Redwing Crock
15682 Gallon Redwing Butter Churn Crock2 Gallon Redwing Butter Churn Crock
15692 Gallon Redwing Crock2 Gallon Redwing Crock
15703 Gallon CrockClay Handles
15713 Gallon CrockClay Handles
15723 Gallon CrockClay Handles
15732 Gallon Crock2 Gallon Crock
1574(3) Crocks(3) Crocks
1575(2) Cookie jars, Milk Pitcher, Covered Bowl with Handles (2) Cookie jars  Milk Pitcher  Covered Bowl with Handles
1576(3) Bowls(3) Bowls
1577(2) Bowls and Glass Pitcher(2) Bowls and Glass Pitcher
1578(3) Crocks(3) Crocks
1579(2) Bowls and Jug(2) Bowls and Jug
1580Big Jug and (2) Smaller CrocksBig Jug and (2) Smaller Crocks
1581(2) Bean Pots and Serilla USA Bowl and (4) Tin Pie PlatesMrs. Wagner's Pie Plates
1582(3) Cookie Jars(3) Cookie Jars
1583Egg Basket and Enamelware Egg Basket and Enamelware 
1584(5) Pieces Enamelware(5) Pieces Enamelware
1586Enamelware Dishes and Floor GrateEnamelware Dishes and Floor Grate
1587Griswold #7 and Two Small Cast PansGriswold #7 and Two Small Cast Pans
1588(3) Cast Iron Pans(3) Cast Iron Pans
1589Cold Handle L and G Manufacturing, Avery, #8 Tin Pans Cold Handle L and G Manufacturing  Avery  #8 Tin Pans
1590Salt Glazed Bowl and (2) Decorative BowlsSalt Glazed Bowl and (2) Decorative Bowls
1591Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Cover4 1/2 Quart
1592(2) Cast Iron Pots with (1) Lid (2) Cast Iron Pots with (1) Lid
1593(3) Cast Iron Pans Wagner  Lodge  10 1/2 Skillet
1594Griswold Aluminum Lid, Cast Iron Skillet, and Cornbread Pan Griswold Aluminum Lid  Cast Iron Skillet  and Cornbread Pan
1595Stove Damper Griswold, Cook Stove Lids, and Oil Can Stove Damper Griswold  Cook Stove Lids  and Oil Can
1596Cream Separator on StandCream Separator on Stand
1597Stihl Chainsaw with CaseFarm Boss
1598Mercury 9.8 with Gas Tank and StandMercury 9.8 with Gas Tank and Stand
1599Starling Jet Troller P 500 with Gas CanStarling Jet Troller P 500 with Gas Can
1600Mcculloch 4 Boat MotorMcculloch 4 Boat Motor
1601Motor Guide Stealth 200 Trolling MotorMotor Guide Stealth 200 Trolling Motor
1602Eskimo Gas Ice AugerEskimo Gas Ice Auger
1603Stihl and Craftsman Gas Leaf BlowersStihl and Craftsman Gas Leaf Blowers
1604(4) Aluminum Rims 16"
1605(4) BF Goodrich Tires on Rims Rugged Terrain  P245/65 R 17
1606(4) GoodYear Wrangler Tires on Rims P275/60 R 20  (4) Ford Caps
1607(4) Hankook Dyna Pro A1 TiresP275/55 R 20
1608(6) Boxes of 7.62 x 39 mm 123 Grain (6) 20 Count Boxes
1609(4) Boxes of 7.62 x 39 mm 122 Grain FMJ(4) 20 Count Boxes
16108 mm 170 Grain Soft Pt. Bullet(1) Box Of 20
1611(7) Boxes of 22 Long Rifle(7) 50 Count Boxes
1612.22 Cal Long Rifle 40 Grain High Velocity(1) 500 Count Box
1613.22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lean Round Nose(1) 500 Count Box 
161422 Caliber Long Rifle Standard Velocity(1) 500 Count Box
1615(3) 7.62 x 51 180 grain (3) 20 Count Boxes
1616(1) 7.65 Argentine 150 Grain(1) 20 Count Box
1617.280 Rem 120 grain 23 Rounds
161830-06 150 Grain (2) 20 Round Boxes (2) Bags = 24 Rounds
1619300 Winchester 220 Grain Silver Tip(1) 20 Round Box
162040 S & W 180 Grain FMJ(1) Box Of 41 Rounds
162140 S & W 180 Grain FMJ(2) Boxes Of 50 Rounds
1622270 Winchester 150 Grain Soft Point(3) Boxes Of 20 Rounds
16237mm - 14 Rounds7mm - 14 Rounds
1624.25 Auto - 42 Rounds and 45 Auto 185 Grain- 20 Rounds.25 Auto - 42 Rounds and 45 Auto 185 Grain- 20 Rounds
1625357 Sig 125 Grain FMJ50 Rounds
1626(1)308 Win 150 Grain, (1) 308 Rem, (1) 308 Federal, (1) 7.62 x 5180 Rounds
1627(3) Boxes of Shotgun Shells (1) Box Of 25 10 Gauge  (2) Box Of 20 12 Gauge 
1628(2) Boxes of 12 Gauge Shells(2) Boxes of 12 Gauge Shells
1629(2) Boxes of 10 Gauge High Velocity Turkey Loads, (1) Box Federal 10 Gauge (2) Boxes of 10 Gauge High Velocity Turkey Loads  (1) Box Federal 10 Gauge
1630(3) Boxes of 12 Gauge  (30) Rounds Winchester  (10) Remington Rounds  (10) Federal Rounds  (10) Fiocchi
1631(3) Boxes of 10 Gauge(30) Remington Rounds
1632(3) Boxes of 20 Gauge (25) Count Of Federal  (25) Remington  (25) Winchester
1633(2) Boxes of 5.56mm FMJ and (1) Bag 7.62 x 39 120 Grain - 18 Count(2) Boxes of 5.56mm FMJ and (1) Bag 7.62 x 39 120 Grain - 18 Count
1634(3) Steel Wheels(3) Steel Wheels
1635Hitch and Post Driver and Container of Chain-linkHitch and Post Driver and Container of Chain-link
1636(2) Milk Cans(2) Milk Cans
1637(1) Milk Can, Metal Bucket and Filter (1) Milk Can  Metal Bucket and Filter
1638Hutch  44" Wide X 75" Tall X 15" Deep  (2) Pieces
1639(2) Ford Spoked Wheels(2) Ford Spoked Wheels
1640Metal StandMetal Stand
1641(4) Cast Iron Caster Wheels(4) Cast Iron Caster Wheels
1642Cast Iron SinkCast Iron Sink
1643Wood Evener and Metal CrateWood Evener and Metal Crate
1644Minnow Bucket, Metal Bucket, and Two Tins Minnow Bucket  Metal Bucket  and Two Tins
1645(2) Wood Crates(2) Wood Crates
1646(2) Wood Crates(2) Wood Crates
1647(2) Wood Crates(2) Wood Crates
1648Wood Crate and Carpenter BoxWood Crate and Carpenter Box
1649(2) Wood Boxes(2) Wood Boxes
1650(4) Ammo Boxes and (1) Wood Box with Cover(4) Ammo Boxes and (1) Wood Box with Cover
1651(2) Trunks(2) Trunks
1652Sportsman 2000 Surge Watts GeneratorSportsman 2000 Surge Watts Generator
1653Spalding Irons, Misc. Fairway WoodsRight Handed Golf Set
1654Dining Room Table with 4 Chairs36" X 68"
1655(2) Wicker Seat Chairs(2) Wicker Seat Chairs
1656Twin Mattress with Motion Essentials Electric FrameTwin Mattress with Motion Essentials Electric Frame
1657Wood Desk Top and Wood StoolWood Desk Top and Wood Stool
1658(3) Wood Stools(2) 2'5" Tall And (1) 2' Tall
1659Vintage Child's Side DeskVintage Child's Side Desk
1660Wagon SeatWagon Seat
1661(2) Shovels(2) Shovels
1662(3) Tires 2 Goodyear 20.5 X 8 X 10 Trailer Tires  Carlisle 5.3 X 12 Trailer Tire
1663Torch, Screwjack, and Table Grinder Torch  Screwjack  and Table Grinder
1664Automotive Replacement PartsAutomotive Replacement Parts
1665Beer Serving Trays Budweiser  Olympia  And Oldstyle
1666Beer Serving Trays Budweiser  Busch  Miller
1667Cuisine Company Casserole Dish 11.5"  New In Box
1668Serving Platter, Budweiser Shot Glass, 2 Budweiser Beer Steins, And Fossil Desk Motorcycle Serving Platter  Budweiser Shot Glass  2 Budweiser Beer Steins  And Fossil Desk Motorcycle
1669Drawers Handles, Action Figures, And Farm Figurines  Drawers Handles  Action Figures  And Farm Figurines 
1670(7) Budweiser Steins(7) Budweiser Steins
1671(7) Budweiser Steins(7) Budweiser Steins
1672(3) Budweiser Steins(3) Budweiser Steins
1673(3) Budweiser Steins(3) Budweiser Steins
1674(6) Budweiser Steins(6) Budweiser Steins
1675(6) Budweiser Beer Glasses(6) Budweiser Beer Glasses
1676(3) Budweiser Beer Steins, Budweiser Boot Glass, (5) Budweiser Bottles (3) Budweiser Beer Steins  Budweiser Boot Glass  (5) Budweiser Bottles
1677(12) Budweiser Glasses(12) Budweiser Glasses
1678(10) Budweiser Glasses(10) Budweiser Glasses
1679(8) Budweiser Glasses(8) Budweiser Glasses
1680(6) Misc. Beer Glasses Budweiser Shot Glasses  Budweiser Beer Mug
1681(3) Old Milwaukee Beer Steins(3) Old Milwaukee Beer Steins
1681A(3) Beer Steins PBR  Old Style  Leinenkugel's
1682(3) Metal  Toys Grater  2 Semis
1683Metal ToysMetal Toys
1684Wood, Metal, And Plastic Toys Wood  Metal  And Plastic Toys
1685(2) Metal Dump Trucks(2) Metal Dump Trucks
1686Cast Iron ToysHorse Team And Eagle
1687Cast Iron ToysStage Coach And Horse And Goat
1688(6) Knives And Utility Pliers(6) Knives And Utility Pliers
1689 Cast Iron 6 Horse And Wagon With One Horse Wagon Cast Iron 6 Horse And Wagon With One Horse Wagon
1690(3) Cast Iron Horse Trollies(3) Cast Iron Horse Trollies
1691(2) Cast Iron Horse Wagons(2) Cast Iron Horse Wagons
1692(2) Cast Iron Horse Circus Wagons(2) Cast Iron Horse Circus Wagons
1693John Deere Gp Cast Iron Tractor And Cast Iron Dog BankJohn Deere Gp Cast Iron Tractor And Cast Iron Dog Bank
1694(2) Cast Iron Horse Wagons(2) Cast Iron Horse Wagons
1695Porcelain InsulatorPorcelain Insulator
1696Anheuser-Busch And Pabst Blue Ribbon MirrorsAnheuser-Busch And Pabst Blue Ribbon Mirrors
1697(4) Hamm's Mirrors American Bear Collection
1698(2) Ceramic Large Beer Steins(2) Ceramic Large Beer Steins
1699(3) Outdoors Pictures (2) Deer Pictures And (1) Duck Picture
1700(3) Porcelain Dolls(3) Porcelain Dolls
1701(3) John Deere Toy Tractors With 2 Wagons(3) John Deere Toy Tractors With 2 Wagons
1702(3) 4955 Toy Tractors(3) 4955 Toy Tractors
1703(3) 7270R Toy Tractors(3) 7270R Toy Tractors
1704Box Of Farm ToysBox Of Farm Toys
1705(2) Case Ih 2094, (2) Farmall M'S, And (1) Allis Chalmers Wd-45 (2) Case Ih 2094  (2) Farmall M'S  And (1) Allis Chalmers Wd-45
1706(6) Adult Pictures(6) Adult Pictures
1707(18) Collector Glass Bottles(18) Collector Glass Bottles
1708Pair Of Snow ShoesMedium Size
1709Pair Of Snow ShoesLarge Size
1710Gladding American Clipper Runner SledGladding American Clipper Runner Sled
1711Milwaukee Tractor SeatMilwaukee Tractor Seat
1712Deering Tractor SeatDeering Tractor Seat
1713Champion Tractor SeatChampion Tractor Seat
1714(3) Pullies And Single Tree Yoke(3) Pullies And Single Tree Yoke
1715Browning Compound BowWood  Frame
1716(2) Planers, (2) Hand Drills, Iron, Punch, And Car Horn (2) Planers  (2) Hand Drills  Iron  Punch  And Car Horn
1717Wood FishWood Fish
1718(2) Bostitch Pneumatic Nailers(2) Bostitch Pneumatic Nailers
1719Cushion Wood ChairCushion Wood Chair
1720(6) Wood Chairs5 Cushioned And  1 No Cushion
1721(3) Wood Stools(3) Wood Stools
1722(2) Steel Garden Wheels And Axles(2) Steel Garden Wheels And Axles
1723(2) Milk Cans(2) Milk Cans
1724Steel CupolasSteel Cupolas
1725Stack Of Red Barn BoardsStack Of Red Barn Boards
1726Tomato CagesTomato Cages
1727(2) 10Ft Ladders(2) 10Ft Ladders
1728(2) 10Ft Ladders1 Extension Ladder
1729(2) Daisy Red Rider BB Guns(2) Daisy Red Rider BB Guns
1730(2) Daisy Buck BB Guns(2) Daisy Buck BB Guns
1731Daisy Golden Eagle BB GunDaisy Golden Eagle BB Gun
1732(2) Daisy BB Guns(2) Daisy BB Guns
1733Daisy #25 Pump BB GunDaisy #25 Pump BB Gun
1734Cap Gun And Ben Pearson Long BowCap Gun And Ben Pearson Long Bow
1735Gun Decor And Bow SawGun Decor And Bow Saw
1736Empire Teminator Crossbow With Bushnell ScopeEmpire Teminator Crossbow With Bushnell Scope
1737Trap And Wood Walking Stick And Antler Decor 17" Trap
1738(8) Fishing Poles(8) Fishing Poles
1739(3) Knives Barlow Pocket Knife  Case Knife  And Queen Cutlery Co. #39 Knife
1740(5) Knives With Display Cases(5) Knives With Display Cases
1741(2) Knives With Displays10" And 8" Knives
1742(6) Knives (6) Knives 
1743(2) Knives And (2) Folding Knives(2) Knives And (2) Folding Knives
1744(3) Knives And Hatchet(3) Knives And Hatchet
1745(6) Knives(6) Knives
1746(2) Large Knives(2) 18" Knives
1747(3) Gun Cases(3) Gun Cases
1748(5) Model Collector Cars(5) Model Collector Cars
1749(4) Tackle Boxes With Contents(4) Tackle Boxes With Contents
1750(4) Tackle Boxes With Contents(4) Tackle Boxes With Contents
1751(8) Belt Buckle Collection(8) Belt Buckle Collection
1752Huffy Chain Guard, Bike Fender, Automobile Fin Cap, Torque Wrench, And Sprinkler And Planer Huffy Chain Guard  Bike Fender  Automobile Fin Cap  Torque Wrench  And Sprinkler And Planer
1753(3) Boxes Of Sports Cards(3) Boxes Of Sports Cards
1754Box Of Sports CardsBox Of Sports Cards
1755(3) Boxes Of Sports Cards(3) Boxes Of Sports Cards
1756(4) Boxes Of Sports Cards(4) Boxes Of Sports Cards
1757(4) Pairs Of Pony Cleats Sizes: 9.5 3 8.5  And 8.5
1758(8) Pairs Of Pony CleatsVarious Sizes
1759Camo Jackets, Shirts, Overalls And WaitersVarious Sizes
1760Blaze Orange Jackets, OverallsVarious Sizes
1761Snowmobile Suit And Jackets Various Sizes
1762(2) Winter Wool Coats And Jacket(2) Winter Wool Coats And Jacket
1763(4) Pairs Of Boots(4) Pairs Of Boots
1764Bells, Mantle Clock, And Cast Iron Bells  Mantle Clock  And Cast Iron
1765(2) Harley Davidson Helmets And Harley Davidson Raincoat And PantsRain Gear Size Large
1766License PlatesLicense Plates
1767Box Of Video Games And Movies And PS3No Cords To PS3
1768(3) Elvis Presley Decanter (3) Elvis Presley Decanter 
1769Miller High Life Neon SignMiller High Life Neon Sign
1770Jacob Best Premium Light Neon SignJacob Best Premium Light Neon Sign
1771(17) Boxes Of Vinyl GlovesSize Large
1772Set Of Water Skis, (2) Helmets, Skateboard, Binoculars Set Of Water Skis  (2) Helmets  Skateboard  Binoculars
1773(3) Hub Caps, Cast "Milwaukee" Sign, Sifter, Oil Lamp (3) Hub Caps  Cast "Milwaukee" Sign  Sifter  Oil Lamp
1774Glass Bottles, Dice, Cast Horse Shoes Glass Bottles  Dice  Cast Horse Shoes
1775Diesel Exhaust TipDiesel Exhaust Tip
1776Lord Of The Rings Action Figures, Scenery Set Up, Gi Joe Pieces, Toy Tractors Lord Of The Rings Action Figures  Scenery Set Up  Gi Joe Pieces  Toy Tractors
1777Vintage Sprayers, Trouble Lights, Handy Gloves Vintage Sprayers  Trouble Lights  Handy Gloves
1778(2) The Harvest Plot Buck Forage Oats(2) The Harvest Plot Buck Forage Oats
1779Milk Can, Beer Barrell, Standard Oil CanMilk Can "Rusk Creamery Co"
1780Pots And Pans, Pyrex Measuring Cup, Bowls, Picture Frames Pots And Pans  Pyrex Measuring Cup  Bowls  Picture Frames
1781Wooden Shelves, Glass Light Cover, Fridge Magnets, Blue Bench Wooden Shelves  Glass Light Cover  Fridge Magnets  Blue Bench
1782Plastic Doll House, Aluminum Bats, Plastic Doll Toys Plastic Doll House  Aluminum Bats  Plastic Doll Toys
1783Bird Cage, Metal Cabinet, 2-Wheel Dolly Bird Cage  Metal Cabinet  2-Wheel Dolly
1784(5) Hard Hats(5) Hard Hats
1785(11) Small Metal Spoke Wheels, 3 Shelf Plastic Shelf, Hose Reel, Office Chair And Funnel (11) Small Metal Spoke Wheels  3 Shelf Plastic Shelf  Hose Reel  Office Chair And Funnel
1787Artillery Shell Replica, Grub Hoe Artillery Shell Replica  Grub Hoe
2000Patio Sliding Glass Door, (5) Windows, And All The Trim And Blinds Door: 80" X 72"  (1) Window: 30.5" X 40"  (3) Windows: 36" X 53"  (1) 47" X 53"


TERMS:  15% Buyer's Fee for all items.  Cash or personal checks may be used for payment. Credit Cards will be accepted with a 4% administration fee up to $500.00.  WI State Sales Tax (5.5%) will be collected on all applicable items.  ProCountry, LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer.  All Buyers of firearms (guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and lower receivers) will be required to complete a background check (Form 4473) when they purchase firearm(s).  All items being offered for sale are being sold “as is, where is” with no warranty or guarantee.   Listing is subject to change.

SALE CONDUCTED BYProCountry, LLC Auction Service, Registered Wisconsin Auction Company # 280, Mondovi, WI. Office phone: 715-495-0814. For pictures visit: 




1.  BUYERS PREMIUM - A fifteen (15%) buyer's fee will be added to each successful bid. Absentee buyers are responsible for complying with their home state tax requirements, In-House buyers, out of state buyers picking up items & Wisconsin residents will be charged state sales tax of 5.5% unless they possess a valid Tax number.  Buyer’s will be required to complete a Wisconsin Form S-211 to wave the Wisconsin Sales Tax.

2.  TRANSFERS - All transfers will be conducted by ProCountry Auction Service.  Transfer fee for long guns is $20.00 transfer fee/firearm.  Transfer fee for handguns is $30.00 transfer fee/firearm.  No transfer fees on barrels and uppers.  Handgun buyers must be at least 21 years old.  Long gun buyers must be at least 18 years old.

3.  AS IS / WHERE IS - Items in this auction are sold AS IS/WHERE IS, with NO GUARANTEE whatsoever. Firearms are specifically NOT warranted for shooting. **Any firearm should be inspected by a competent gunsmith for safety, function, & proper ammunition type before attempting to fire. Any description of mechanical function or condition does NOT mean the gun has been inspected or Ok'd for shooting. Ammunition of unknown origin should NOT be fired, & the ammunition in this sale is sold for salvage of components or as collectibles only.

4.  RESPONSIBILITY OF BIDDERS: Read the descriptions of each firearm/item & view photographs carefully, should you have questions e-mail us at  Be sure to ask questions BEFORE bidding & prior to start of auction. Accuracy of catalog & other descriptions is NOT guaranteed. Although we do our best to provide good descriptions, no portion of any description is a guaranteed. Such qualities as condition, age, origin, historical attribution, quality, originality, measurement, significance, percentage of finish, alteration, restoration, & estimated value are OPINION ONLY, & are NOT guaranteed. You are strongly urged to inspect each item on which you bid, & to base your bids on your own opinions & observations.

5.  SALE OF FIREARMS - All sales of firearms will be in strict compliance with all Firearms Laws & regulations. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE BIDDING. We are an FFL dealer, so ALL Federal & State Firearm Laws govern all sales pertaining to firearms. NOTE: ANTIQUE, MUZZLE-LOADING & AIR GUNS - any gun marked Antique, Black Powder or Non-FFL" in catalog. These items may be shipped directly to absentee bidders unless your local or state law has restricted this. It is our policy not to sell these items to individuals who would not be eligible to purchase modern firearms. By bidding on these, you represent that you are not a minor, convicted felon, drug addict, illegal alien, mentally defective individual, or other person who would be restricted from buying modern firearms, & that such purchase is legal in your home area. Absentee bidders purchasing these items may be asked to send a copy of their driver's license w/ payment.  

6.  MODERN FIREARMS – ProCountry, LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL).  All Buyers of firearms (guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and lower receivers) will be required to complete a background check (Form 4473) when they purchase the firearm.  You will purchase these guns the same way you would from a gun shop.  *Out of state & absentee bidders can have guns shipped to FFL dealers in their area. Most gun shops will receive these for you and legally transfer them to you for a modest fee. You will need to have them provide ProCountry, LLC by e-mail a signed copy of their FFL with your name, noting it is for your purchases.

7.  FFL LICENSEES - FFL Dealers are welcome to bid & buy, & we expect there will be bargains in this sale that can be good investments for you. You will need a signed copy of your FFL for ProCountry, LLC the transferee for this sale.  Note: Per ATF instruction we only send our FFL to other FFL's & NOT C&R's or non-licensees.

8. Disputes under this contract - Buyers & ProCountry,LLC agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them resulting from the buyer participating in the auction or any resulting transaction. Any Mediation fees will be borne equally by each party. All mediation, arbitration & court shall be filed and conducted solely within Buffalo County, State of Wisconsin and not in any other jurisdiction. PLACING A BID CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS HEREIN & WILL BE A BINDING CONTRACT TO PURCHASE. PLACING A BID IMPLIES YOU HAVE AGREED TO THE TERMS & TO PURCHASE THE LOT.




Pickup Time:         By appointment only

Pickup Location:   ProCountry Auction Service

          222 South Eau Claire Street

          Mondovi, WI  54755 




This BIDDER CONTRACT entered into between the Bidder whose name is signed and the auctioneers.  Bidder agrees that the terms listed below shall govern this auction and he/she agrees with them.  Additional terms may be posted or announced from the auction block which are just as binding as the terms below.
1. FULL PAYMENT: All items must be paid for in full before Bidder leaves the premises.  Nothing may be removed until is settled for.  Payment for the purchases must be made by cash, cashier's check, personal check, or business check if announced by the Auctioneers.  Letters of Credit or Guarantee must be for this auction only, along with proof of identity.  All sales are subject to State Sales Tax laws.  Bidder agrees not to stop payment on checks or disallow a sight draft and is responsible for any expenses due to collection of a bad check.  In the event of nonpayment of a bad check, the Auctioneers reserves the right to repossess, at any time, at your location, the merchandise involved.
2. NO WARRANTY: ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS, WITHOUT GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. The descriptions of items appearing in advertising prior to this auction are believed to be correct.  Nevertheless, neither those descriptions nor any oral statements made by the Owner (or his agents) or the Auctioneers (or his agents) concerning any item shall be construed as a warranty, either expressed or implied.  I, the Bidder, have examined this merchandise and accept it the way it is.
3. DISPUTES: The Auctioneers shall designate the winning bidder after each item is auctioned.  If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the bidding.  The Auctioneers' designation of a Buyer is final.
4. BUYER'S REPONSIBILITY: After a Bidder has won the bid, they have become the new owner of this item, even though they may not have paid for the item yet.  The item(s) become the full and sole responsibility of the Buyer at this point and the buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage.
5. INJURY AND DAMAGE: Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by the Bidder or his agent, and further agrees to hold Auctioneers harmless from any personal injury to himself or his Agents and any property damage incurred on auction premises.
6. AGENTS ONLY: The Auctioneers are action as the Owner Agents only.

Please email any questions to​​​​​​​