Online Auction




ONLINE AUCTION ENDS:  Monday, June 14th @ 6 p.m.

OPENHOUSE:  Friday June 11th, 12-4 pm & Saturday June 12th, 9 am to 2 pm

AUCTION PICK UP DATE:  Tuesday June 15th to Friday June 18th by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

PICK UP LOCATION:  ProCountry Office, 222 S Eau Claire Street, Mondovi, WI.  Watch for the ProCountry Auction signs.       

NOTE: ONLINE AUCTION.  This auction offers the extensive collection from the Jerry Strader Estate.  This collection has something for everyone who is a firearms enthusiast.  Mark your calendars for this auction!  For pictures visit:  www.procountryauction.com. 


RIFLE/SHOTGUNS:  Weatherby Mark V 340 Magnum; Weatherby Mark V 378 Magnum; Browning Bar 300 Win Mag; IAB Gardone Sharps Replica 45-70; Winchester Model 94 30 WCF; Winchester Model 61-22 22 SR or SL; Marlin Limited 39 Century 22 SR or SL; Winchester Model 1901 10 ga; Browning Model B92 44 Mag; Winchester Model 94 Centennial 30 cal; Browning Model 1895 30-06; Winchester Model 1895 Limited Edition 30-06; Remington Woodmaster Model 81 35 Rem; Thompson Center Contender 223 Rem; Harrington & Richards Topper Model 158; Winchester Model 94-22 M 22 Win Mag; Marlin Golden 39A 22 SR or SL; Marlin 1894 CL Classic 25-20 Win; Remington Wingmaster 870 28 ga; Thompson Center Super 16 45 Colt/410; Kel-Tec SU 16 223 Rem; Norinco Sporter BWK 92 5.56x45; 25-20 WCF; Marlin 336A 32 Special; Remington Game Master 141 30 cal; Thompson Center GA96 45 cal; Leinad DS 410; Taurus Model 72 22 Mag; Savage Model 24 22 LR/410 combination; Remington Wingmaster 870 12 ga; Remington Wingmaster 870 20 ga; Remington 28 ga barrel; Remington 20 ga barrel; El Faisan El Bar 410; Remington Model 11 12 ga; Remington Model 514 22 SR/LR; Remington Model 4 32 cal; Harrington & Richards 28 ga; Rossi Model 162 22 Mag; Charter Arms AR 7 Explorer 22 LR.

PISTOLS:  Freedom Arms US Marshal 454 Casull, revolver; 44 Mag, Birds head, revolver; Detonics MK VI 45 cal; Inter Arms Virginian Dragoon 44 Mag, revolver; Colt Single Action Army .38 Special; Thompson Center Contender 44 Mag; Thompson Center 444 Marlin Barrel; Micro Desert Eagle 380 Auto; RJ Braverman 32 ACP, revolver; Colt Uberti 1489 44 mag revolver; United Sporting Arms Seville 44 Mag, revolver; United Sporting Arms Seville Sheriff 44 Mag, revolver; Colt Woodsman 22 LR; Colt 1903 Pocket 32 ACP; Colt Woodsman 22 LR; Ruger Single 6 22 revolver; Inter Arms Virginian Dragoon 44 Mag, revolver; V Bernardelli Gardone BT 22 LR; Wilkerson 22 LR; Smith & Wesson 61-2 22 LR; (3) North American Arms 22 LR, revolver; Freedom Arms 22 LR, revolver; Svendson 4 Aces 22 Short Pepperbox; (10) North American Arms 22 Mag, revolver; (3) North American Arms Mini Master 22 Mag, revolver; North American Black Widow 22 Mag, revolver; North American Arms 22 SR, revolver; Taurus 22 LR, revolver; Smith & Wesson 53-2 Mag Jet, revolver; Smith & Wesson 53-2 Mag Jet, revolver; Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Mag, revolver; High Standard 103 Sport King 22 LR; Unknown 22 Jet, revolver; Inter Arms Virginia 22 LR, revolver; Uberti Colt Model 38, revolver; Ruger Single Six 22 Mag, revolver; Ruger Single Six 22 Mag revolver, Birds Head; Iver Johnson 22 SR, revolver; Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Mag, revolver; AMT Auto mag II 22 Mag, Semi Auto; Keltec PMR 30 22 Mag; AMT Auto Mag II 22 Mag, Semi Auto; Uberti Cimarron 357 Mag, revolver; Smith & Wesson 60-18 Chief 357 Mag, revolver; Smith & Wesson 34-1 22 LR, revolver; Smith & Wesson Airlite SC 357 Mag, revolver; Henry Mares Leg 22 Mag; JB Custom Mares Leg 44 Mag; Smith & Wesson 60-15 Chief 357 Mag, revolver; Ruger Black Eagle 22 LR, Semi Auto; Ruger Single Six 22 Mag, revolver; Colt Army Gen III 357 Mag, revolver; Ruger Bearcat 22 Mag/22 LR, revolver; Hawes Derringer 22 LR; Ruger Single Six 22 Win Mag/ 22 LR, revolver; Smith & Wesson 53 22 Mag, 22 Jet, revolver; Smith & Wesson 53 22 Jet, revolver; Ruger Bear Cat 22 LR, revolver; Ruger Bear Cat 22 LR, revolver; Pedersol S.342 Derringer Rider 22 LR; Colt Cimarron 32-20/32 HR, revolver; Erma ET 22, 22LR, Semi Auto; Iver Johnson TP 22 LR, Semi Auto; Casull Arms 22 LR, revolver; Casull Arms 22 LR, revolver; Freedom Arms Casull 454 revolver; Freedom Arms Casull 454 revolver; Kimber Solo Carry 9mm, Semi Auto; Kimber Solo Carry 9mm, Semi Auto; Smith & Wesson 29-2 44 Mag, revolver; Colt Army 44 Special, revolver, Gen III; Llama 22 LR, Semi Auto; ADC M6 45 Colt/410 Over Under; Baby Hammerless 22 Short revolver; Cobra CB-38 38 Special Derringer; American Derringer Model 4 45 Cal/410; Freedom Arms 22 Mag, revolver; Freedom Arms 22 Mag, revolver; Traditions 1858 New Army 44 cal revolver; Leinad DD 45 cal/410 Side by Side; Pietta 1863 Pocket Rem 31 cal Black Powder revolver; Uberti 36 cal Black Powder revolver; Uberti 36 cal Black Powder revolver; Traditions 1858 RGT 44 cal revolver Black Powder; Pietta 1861 Colt Conversion 38 Special/ 36 cal Black Powder; Pietta Sheriff Snub Nose 44 cal Black Powder revolver; Colt US 1847 45 cal Black Powder revolver.

RELOADING:   HDS Compact #9 Reloading press; Lee Handpress Kit; Lee Perfect Powder measure; Bananza precision powder and bullet scale; Lee powder measure kit; Lyman 310 reloading tool w/ 30/30 dies; large offering of Lyman 310 reloading dies; Lee crimp dies; Bananza 340 WDY bench rest die set; 22 ram jet die set; Lyman 32 H & R Magnum dies; Lee rifle loader, 30 cal; Lee factory crimp dies; Lee 30 M1 carbine loading die; Lee 44 cal sizing die; large offering of bullets, brass and primers.

AMMO:  Large offering of rifle, shotgun, and pistol ammunition.

160+ KNIVES:  Large offering of fix blade, folding, OTF knives: Cold Steel, Meyer Co., M-Tech, Schrade, Kershaw, Remington, CRKT, The Edge Co., Marbles, F.A. Bower, Red River, Randall, Hudson Bay, Buck, Gouda, Case, Browning, Colt, and more.


Jerry Strader Estate Collection

Dave Rau (Trustee)


TERMS:  15% Buyer's Fee for all items.  Cash or personal checks may be used for payment. Credit Cards will be accepted with a 4% administration fee.  WI State Sales Tax (5.5%) will be collected on all applicable items.  ProCountry, LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer.  All Buyers of firearms (guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and lower receivers) will be required to complete a background check (Form 4473) when they purchase firearm(s).  All items being offered for sale are being sold “as is, where is” with no warranty or guarantee.   Listing is subject to change.

SALE CONDUCTED BYProCountry, LLC Auction Service, Registered Wisconsin Auction Company # 280, Mondovi, WI.  AUCTIONEERS:  Scott Werlein (715) 495-6131 Registered WI Auctioneer #178.  For pictures visit:  www.procountryauction.com. 





1.  BUYERS PREMIUM - A fifteen (15%) buyer's fee will be added to each successful bid. Absentee buyers are responsible for complying with their home state tax requirements, In-House buyers, out of state buyers picking up items & Wisconsin residents will be charged state sales tax of 5.5% unless they possess a valid Tax number.  Buyer’s will be required to complete a Wisconsin Form S-211 to wave the Wisconsin Sales Tax.

2.  TRANSFERS - All transfers will be conducted by ProCountry Auction Service.  Transfer fee for long guns is $20.00 transfer fee/firearm.  Transfer fee for handguns is $30.00 transfer fee/firearm.  No transfer fees on barrels and uppers.  Handgun buyers must be at least 21 years old.  Long gun buyers must be at least 18 years old.

3.  AS IS / WHERE IS - Items in this auction are sold AS IS/WHERE IS, with NO GUARANTEE whatsoever. Firearms are specifically NOT warranted for shooting. **Any firearm should be inspected by a competent gunsmith for safety, function, & proper ammunition type before attempting to fire. Any description of mechanical function or condition does NOT mean the gun has been inspected or Ok'd for shooting. Ammunition of unknown origin should NOT be fired, & the ammunition in this sale is sold for salvage of components or as collectibles only.

4.  RESPONSIBILITY OF BIDDERS: Read the descriptions of each firearm/item & view photographs carefully, should you have questions e-mail us at jen@procountryauction.com.  Be sure to ask questions BEFORE bidding & prior to start of auction. Accuracy of catalog & other descriptions is NOT guaranteed. Although we do our best to provide good descriptions, no portion of any description is a guaranteed. Such qualities as condition, age, origin, historical attribution, quality, originality, measurement, significance, percentage of finish, alteration, restoration, & estimated value are OPINION ONLY, & are NOT guaranteed. You are strongly urged to inspect each item on which you bid, & to base your bids on your own opinions & observations.

5.  SALE OF FIREARMS - All sales of firearms will be in strict compliance with all Firearms Laws & regulations. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE BIDDING. We are an FFL dealer, so ALL Federal & State Firearm Laws govern all sales pertaining to firearms. NOTE: ANTIQUE, MUZZLE-LOADING & AIR GUNS - any gun marked Antique, Black Powder or Non-FFL" in catalog. These items may be shipped directly to absentee bidders unless your local or state law has restricted this. It is our policy not to sell these items to individuals who would not be eligible to purchase modern firearms. By bidding on these, you represent that you are not a minor, convicted felon, drug addict, illegal alien, mentally defective individual, or other person who would be restricted from buying modern firearms, & that such purchase is legal in your home area. Absentee bidders purchasing these items may be asked to send a copy of their driver's license w/ payment.  

6.  MODERN FIREARMS – ProCountry, LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL).  All Buyers of firearms (guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and lower receivers) will be required to complete a background check (Form 4473) when they purchase the firearm.  You will purchase these guns the same way you would from a gun shop.  *Out of state & absentee bidders can have guns shipped to FFL dealers in their area. Most gun shops will receive these for you and legally transfer them to you for a modest fee. You will need to have them provide ProCountry, LLC by e-mail jen@procountryauction.com a signed copy of their FFL with your name, noting it is for your purchases.

7.  FFL LICENSEES - FFL Dealers are welcome to bid & buy, & we expect there will be bargains in this sale that can be good investments for you. You will need a signed copy of your FFL for ProCountry, LLC the transferee for this sale.  Note: Per ATF instruction we only send our FFL to other FFL's & NOT C&R's or non-licensees.

8. Disputes under this contract - Buyers & ProCountry,LLC agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them resulting from the buyer participating in the auction or any resulting transaction. Any Mediation fees will be borne equally by each party. All mediation, arbitration & court shall be filed and conducted solely within Buffalo County, State of Wisconsin and not in any other jurisdiction. PLACING A BID CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS HEREIN & WILL BE A BINDING CONTRACT TO PURCHASE. PLACING A BID IMPLIES YOU HAVE AGREED TO THE TERMS & TO PURCHASE THE LOT.




Pickup Time:         By appointment only

Pickup Location:   ProCountry Auction Service

          222 South Eau Claire Street

          Mondovi, WI  54755 




This BIDDER CONTRACT entered into between the Bidder whose name is signed and the auctioneers.  Bidder agrees that the terms listed below shall govern this auction and he/she agrees with them.  Additional terms may be posted or announced from the auction block which are just as binding as the terms below.
1. FULL PAYMENT: All items must be paid for in full before Bidder leaves the premises.  Nothing may be removed until is settled for.  Payment for the purchases must be made by cash, cashier's check, personal check, or business check if announced by the Auctioneers.  Letters of Credit or Guarantee must be for this auction only, along with proof of identity.  All sales are subject to State Sales Tax laws.  Bidder agrees not to stop payment on checks or disallow a sight draft and is responsible for any expenses due to collection of a bad check.  In the event of nonpayment of a bad check, the Auctioneers reserves the right to repossess, at any time, at your location, the merchandise involved.
2. NO WARRANTY: ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS, WITHOUT GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. The descriptions of items appearing in advertising prior to this auction are believed to be correct.  Nevertheless, neither those descriptions nor any oral statements made by the Owner (or his agents) or the Auctioneers (or his agents) concerning any item shall be construed as a warranty, either expressed or implied.  I, the Bidder, have examined this merchandise and accept it the way it is.
3. DISPUTES: The Auctioneers shall designate the winning bidder after each item is auctioned.  If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the bidding.  The Auctioneers' designation of a Buyer is final.
4. BUYER'S REPONSIBILITY: After a Bidder has won the bid, they have become the new owner of this item, even though they may not have paid for the item yet.  The item(s) become the full and sole responsibility of the Buyer at this point and the buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage.
5. INJURY AND DAMAGE: Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by the Bidder or his agent, and further agrees to hold Auctioneers harmless from any personal injury to himself or his Agents and any property damage incurred on auction premises.
6. AGENTS ONLY: The Auctioneers are action as the Owner Agents only.

Please email any questions to jen@procountryauction.com.​​​​​​​