Robert Tomlinson Estate Online Auction

Robert Tomlinson Estate Online Auction



Began: 08/05/20 at 10:00 AM CDT
Ended: 08/26/20 at 6:00 PM CDT



AUCTION ENDS:     Wednesday, August 26, 2020

INSPECTION:         Friday, August 21, 2020 – 12 pm to 3 pm

PICK UP:                Friday, August 28, 2020 – 3 pm – 6 pm

LOCATION:             307 Dodge St, Eau Claire, WI       

TO BID & BUY:   

AUCTION NOTES:   **Shipping is NOT available.  



501 KNIGHT Knight with sword on stand, knight is 67″ tall, sword is 86″ tall, base is 17″ X 21″, overall height is 90″
502 ART DÉCOR Saxophone art décor, 13″ tall
503 ART DÉCOR Cutrone Face to Face art décor, 20″ tall
504 NAUTICAL DÉCOR Model ships, compass, nautical décor
505 ELECTRICAL CORDS Electrical cords, power strips (2 Totes)
506 LAMPS (2) Lamps, 28″ high
507 COPPER PAIL Copper pail with stand, 13″ high X 11″ wide
508 PLANT STAND Wood round plant stand, 27″ high X 14″ wide
509 BRASS DÉCOR Collection of brass décor, 10 Pieces, candle holder’s, bell, cups, Japanese painted porcelain dish
510 VINTAGE DOLLS Vintage doll collection, 6 dolls
511 SNOWSHOES AND POLES Red Feather 425 Snowshoes and Poles
512 WALKING CANES Assortment walking canes and a grabber
513 GLOBES Collection of globes on stands, 6 items
514 VINTAGE TEA SET AND TOYS Vintage tea set and vintage wood block letters
515 ROMAN WALL PRINT Roman wall print, 28″ tall, 39″ wide
516 SERVING TRAY TABLE Serving tray table, 35″ wide, 17″ high, 27″ deep
517 ART WALL DÉCOR Art wall hanging with wood frame, 44″ tall, 26″ wide
518 ANTIQUE MIRROR Beveled antique mirror, 39″ high, 20″ wide
519 ART DÉCOR (2) Iris art décor, 1- 40″high, 15″ wide; 1 – 26″high, 21″ wide
520 TAPESTRY WALL HANGING Tapestry Wall Hanging
521 AIR RIFLE AND AIR PISTOL Air Rifle (broken stock) , Air Pistol
522 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Westminster Whittington wall clock, 26″ high, 10″ wide
523 WICKER BASKETS (2) Wicker baskets, 1 – 23″ wide, 12″ deep, 14″ high; 1 – 26″ wide, 16″ deep, 16″ high
524 WALL MIRROR Wall Décor mirror, 48″ high, 36″ wide
525 MINI VIOLIN IN CASE Mini Violin in case with bow, 4 strings, 18″ long, 5″ wide
526 BLUES BOX GUITAR Blues Box Guitar, no strings, 26″ long, 8″ wide
527 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Westmaster Black Forest Pendelum clock in wood case, 25″ high, 12″ wide 
528 WALL NICHE Winthrop Court Wall Niche, 37″ high, 9″ wide
529 BRASS FIREPLACE SET Brass Fireplace Set, broom, tongs, poker, shovel, holder
530 GAS TRIMMER AND SPRINKLER Worx Electric Gas Trimmer (NIB), and Gardena Lawn Sprinkler
531 BLADELESS FAN Dyson bladeless electric fan
532 FLOOR LAMPS (2) Standing lamps; 1-  58″, 1- 62″
533 PLANT STAND Wood Plant stand with marble top, 37″ high
534 AREA RUG Large Area Rug, 95″ X 64″
535 AREA RUGS Assortment area rugs; 1-54″X29″, 1- 58″X33″, 1- 39″X25″, 1-71″X43″, 1- 46″X28″
536 FLOOR LAMPS Floor lamp, 68″ tall
537 WALL MIRROR Tall Decorative Wall Mirror, 20″ wide, 30″ tall
538 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Howard Miller Pendelum Clock, 29″ high, 12″ wide
539 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Westminster 31 day pendelum clock with key in wood case, 38″ tall, 13″ wide
540 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Kassel Regulator Pendulem Clock, 31 day, 23″ tall, 13″ wide
541 WALL DÉCOR Collection of Ceramic Playing Card wall décor (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Joker) 14″ X 11″
542 VINTAGE PENDULUM WALL CLOCK Vintage Pendulem Clock (very old), Mantle clock, 23″ X 15″
543 GRANDFATHER CLOCK Standing Grandfather clock & calender in wood case with key, 92″ high, 18″ wide
544 WALL DÉCOR Assortment Wall Décor Pictures (Harry Potter, bird, street scene, vases, etc)
545 TV TRAYS Wood TV trays with stand, 26″ X 12″ X 15″
546 MANTEL CLOCK Howard Miller Mantel clock
547 WALL CLOCKS (4) Wall Clocks
548 WALL DÉCOR (8) Miscellaneous lot of wall hangings (Beethoven, Mozart, Chopain, etc)
549 WICKER BASKET AND POTTERY Wicker basket with clay and wood pottery décor
550 WOOD DISPLAY CASE Wood display case for decorative spoon collection with velvet back, 30″ X 18″
551 WALL DÉCOR (2) wall hangings; 1- poster in frame, 1- oil painting
552 WALL MIRRORS (4) wall mirrors
553 TABLE LAMPS (5) table lamps
554 PLANTERS (3) planters; 2- 14″X9″, 1- 9″X7″
555 VINTAGE LOCOMOTIVE Wind up Locomotive, metal with coal car
556 CAST IRON WATER TRUCK Cast iron metal water truck
557 ELECTRIC STEAM ENGINE Electric steam engine
558 TABLE LAMPS (2) Table lamps with shades, 23″ tall
559 TABLE LAMPS (2) Table lamps with shades, 34″ tall
560 VINTAGE WOOD BUFFET Vintage Wood Buffet, 48″ wide, 37″ high, 18″ deep
561 BOOKS (5) Boxes of Books (oxford dictionary, word menu, children’s encyclopedia, wines of the world, etc)
562 CD’S (2) Totes of CD’s (country, classic, rap, symphony, etc)
563 DVD PLAYER Samsung BluRay DVD player with remote (refurbished)
564 FOOT MASSAGER Therapist Select Homedics Massager, LED light, Bresser
565 GRABBERS (4) grabbers and (1) cane
566 HEALTH EXPERT ELECTRONIC SIMULATOR Health Expert Electronic Simulator
567 HUMIDIFIER Air Care Designer Series humidifier, 27″ high, 18″ wide, 18″ deep
568 SHOE RACK, WALL DÉCOR, SIDE TABLE Wood Shoe rack, 38″X23″; Wood wall décor; wood side table, 28″X16″
569 WING BACK CHAIR Wood/Cloth wingback chair
570 WOOD CHAIRS (2) Wood decorative Chairs and (2) Wood/Cloth decorative chairs
571 SITTING CHAIR Wood sitting chair
572 WICKER CHAIRS Wicker Chair and Wicker Rocker
573 WING BACK CHAIR Wing back sitting chair
574 VINTAGE SITTING CHAIR Vintage Sitting chair
575 VINTAGE DRESSING TABLE SET Vintage dressing table, mirror, bench seat
576 END TABLE Round end table
577 BOOKSHELF, TV STAND, SHELF Bookshelf; media shelf; TV stand/cabinet
578 AREA RUG Wool Area Rug made in IRAN, 151″X117″
579 VINTAGE SECRETARY’S DESK Vintage Secretary’s Desk with 4 drawers, 41″ high, 15″ deep, 28″ wide
580 DVD’S (2) Totes DVD movies
581 DVD’S Tote and (2) Boxes DVD movies
582 PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE Photography Package (35 mm cameras, camcorder, tripod, flases, lenses, carrying cases)
583 DIGITAL CAMERA PACKAGE Digital Camera Package (multiple Canon cameras with carrying cases)
584 BINOCULAR PACKAGE Binocular Package (Simmons, Sports Afield, Tasco)
585 WOOD ROOM DIVIDER Wood Room Divider, 4 panels, overall 71″ X 80″
586 DINING TABLE WITH CHAIRS Duncan Phyfe dining table with leaf and 7 chairs and a captains chair, 62″ X 42″ plus a 16″ wide leaf
587 BUFFER Duncan Phyfe Buffet, 17″deep, 60″ wide, 36″ high
588 CHINA (2) Boxes – Wedgewood China set (white), Wedgewood China Set (blue), glassware and candle holders
589 LAMP AND CLOCK Water Lily lamp and sparrow clock
590 VINTAGE LAMP Vintage Electric lamp, glass lampshade, brass base
591 POTTERY AND SERVING PLATTER Pottery and serving platter
592 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Assortment glassware (pyrex bowls, thermos, anchor glass bowls, etc)
593 LENNOX CHINA Lennox China (cups, bowls, plates, dessert plates)
594 VINTAGE SILVER Vintage silver and silver plated table service sets
595 POTTERY AND GLASSWARE Pottery and glassware (pitcher, bowl, sugar bowls, candy dishes, relish trays, candle holder)
596 END TABLE, FLOOR LAMP Wood end table, floor lamp, decorative floor vase
597 TWIN BED Twin bed frame with head board, footboard and mattress
598 EXERCISER Hyper extension exerciser
599 CANON PRINTER AND SCANNER Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer and Canon Scanner (no cords)
600 VINTAGE SITTING CHAIR Vintage wood sitting chair
601 AREA RUG Large Wool Area Rug made in Iran, 118″ X 161″
602 WALKER UpWalker with accessory bag
603 WALKER Escape Walker with accessory bag
604 PET GATES (3) Pet gates, each 45″ wide, 24″ tall
605 BED SUPPORT RAILS (3) Bed support rails
606 WHEEL DOLLIES (4) Wheel Dollies
607 WHEEL DOLLIES (2 boxes) Daytona 1300 lb wheel dollies, 2 in a box (NIB)
608 SHELVES WITH ALL CONTENTS (2) metal and poly shelves with all contents on shelf (oil, glass cleaner, petroleum products, rags, de-icer,) and (2) large garbage cans with lids
609 ALUMINUM EXTENSION LADDER 12′ Aluminum Extension Ladder
610 6 TON JACK STANDS (2) 6 Ton Jack Stands
611 5 TON SCREW JACK 5 Ton Screw Jack
612 ROLLING MECHANICS STOOL Rolling mechanics stool
613 SPLITTING MALL AND AXE Splitting mall and axe
614 POSTAL HOLE DIGGER Truper postal hole digger
615 BROOM, HAND TILLER, LAWN KNIFE Broom, hand tiller, lawn knife
616 GARDENING LAWN CART Gardening lawn cart
617 ALUMINUM FOLDING LADDER 6′ Aluminum Folding ladder
618 ALUMINUM EXTENSION LADDER Werner 24′ aluminum extension ladder, model D1524
619 ROLLING MECHANICS TABLE Rolling mechanics table
620 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS (2) Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads, SB Chevy Performance RP Performance heads, possibly used
621 MOBIL MOTOR OIL (10) Quarts of Mobil Motor oil, 10W-30 and 5W-30
622 TRUCK CARGO NET Truck Cargo net
623 TOOL CHEST WITH ALL CONTENTS IN IT  Wood Tool chest with all contents in it (ratchets, torque wrench, screwdrivers, timing light, rivet gun)
624 OF CORNER IN GARAGE Contents of corner in Garage (bird cage, fire extinguishers, air filters, hardware, organizers, oil funnels, etc)
625 SNOWBLOWER Snowjoe snowblower, 40V, 18″ cordless
626 TON PITTSBURGH FLOOR JACK 1 1/2 Ton Pittsburgh floor jack
627 TON ALLIED FLOOR JACK 3 1/2 Ton Allied floor jack
628 CAR RAMPS Set of 12,000# Poly car ramps
629 ELECTRIC EDGER Black and Decker electric edger
630 AIR COMPRESSOR Campbell Hausfeld 11 gallon air compressor with hose
631 GRASS TRIMMER Toro 8″ electric grass trimmer
632 CREEPER Creeper and creeper pad
633 TRIMMER Homelite gas weed trimmer
634 ELECTRICAL CORDS Box of elecrical cords and trouble light
635 BARREL CART Large barrel cart with rubber tires
636 BARREL CART Medium sized barrel cart, 4 way
637 CRAFTSMAN BLOWER Craftsman Blower/Vac Mulcher, gas
638 METAL WHEEL BARROW Metal Wheel barrow
639 SHOP VAC Shop Vac, 5 gallon
640 CARGO CAR TOP HAULER Cargo car top hauler, 46″ long, 38″ wide, 12″ wide
641 PORTABLE FIRE PIT Portable Fire Pit
642 KAYAKE Waterquest Aruba 10 Kayake with paddles
643 CAR RAMPS Set of metal car ramps and jumper cables
644 TORQUE WRENCHES 1/2″ Torque wrench and 1/4″ torque wrench
645 BOTTLE JACKS AND SCISSOR JACKS (2) Bottle Jacks and (3) Scissor Jacks
646 2 TON FLOOR JACKS (2)  2 Ton Floor Jacks
647 HEAT GUN AND SHOP LIGHT Black and Decker Heat gun and Halogen shop light
648 POLY TOOLBOX Stanley click and connect poly toolbox
649 LAWN FERTILIZER SPREADER Earthway lawn fertilizer spreader with rubber tires
650 EDGER Craftsman Edger, 650, gas
651 PUSH MOWER SunJoe Lithium battery push mower
652 GAS CANS (4) small gas cans
653 GAS CANS (4) large gas cans, 5 gal.
654 HAMMOCK Hammock
655 LP GRILL Thermos LP grill, 2 burners
656 GRILL Brinkman Smoke and Grill
657 PICNIC TABLE Wood/metal picnic table, 54″ wide, 60″ deep, 27″ high
658 PATIO SWING Patio Swing, 68″ long, 32″ high, needs wood
659 TRASH CANS (2) Poly trash cans
660 GOLF CLUBS AND BAG Wilson Bag with right handed JC Higgins golf clubs
661 OUTDOOR PLANTERS (3) Outdoor planter Pots
662 WOOD/METAL BENCH Wood/metal porch bench, 50″ wide, 34″ high
663 VACUUM, SANDER Dirt Devil electric vaccum, finishing sander, small vaccum cleaner
664 HEDGE TRIMMER Earthwise 18″ convertible pole hedge trimmer, electric
665 CRAFTSMAN BLOWER AND TRIMMER Craftsman electric power blower and hand trimmer
666 SPRAYER, NAILER, SAWS Chapin sprayer, (3) pails, heat lamp, pneumatic nailer, hand saws, files
667 ROLLING STAND Rolling stand, new condition
668 STEP STOOLS (3) Aluminum step stools
669 CHAIR, TABLE, DESK Old school desk, folding chair, plastic patio table
670 CRAFTSMAN TABLE SAW Craftsman 10″ table saw on stand
671 LAWN BOY MOWER Lawn Boy gas push mower, needs repair
672 UTILITY SHELVES (2) Utility shelves
673 CHALKBOARD Slate chalk board, 48″ X 48″
674 GARBAGE CAN AND MOPS, BROOMS Garbage can filled with brooms, mops, dustpans
675 FENCING Grandview fence, 3 full boxes and extras, poly, 2′ wide, 9″ high
676 DOG PACKAGE Assortment Dog Bowls, (2) electric heated bowls, box of puppy pads
677 RICKENBOCKER BASS GUITAR Rickenbocker Bass Guitar in case
678 FENDER BXR AMP Fender BXR guitar AMP
679 KITCHEN STOOLS (2) Iron kitchen stools, 30″ seat height, 47″ overall
680 MISCELLANEOUS TOOLS Miscellaneous tools, flashlights, visescripts, pliers, hammers, duct tape
681 CYCLING PACKAGE (3) Cycling Helmets, all large, 1 – Specialized, 1 – Giro, 1 – Limar
682 METAL/MARBLE BAKING RACK Metal and Marble Bakers Rack with glass shelves, 38″ wide, 80″ tall, 21″ deep
683 CYCLING TIRE PUMPS (2) Cycling tire pumps
684 CYCLING PACKAGE Selle Italia Flight Saddle and post, cycling boots, bags, water bottle holders
685 KITCHEN PACKAGE muffin pans, mini muffin pans, cake pans, glass cake pans, roaster with lid, bundt pan, kitchen utensils
686 GOLF PACKAGE X Factor Harrer #1 Driver, golf balls, tees, umbrella
687 CYCLING SHIRTS (10) Large Cycling Jerseys: Canondale, Adidas, Schwinn
688 CYCLING SHIRTS (7) Cycling Jerseys, (1) Cycling Vest, (2) Cycling Jackets
689 CYCLING SHIRTS (5) Cycling Jackets, (7) Cycling Shirts
690 DISHWARE (2) Boxes Miscellaneous plates, bowls, cups, small plates
691 VINTAGE SEWING TABLE Vintage Sewing Table, wood top, metal legs, 40″ wide, 24″ deep, 30″ high
692 AREA RUGS (4) Area Rugs, 41″X82″, 42″X125″, 32″X51″, 36″X75″
693 AREA RUGS (5) Area Rugs, 19″X31″, 24″X36″, 33″X93″, 51″X75″, 42″X75″
694 VINTAGE DESK Vintage Desk with wrought iron chair
695 TRAC ACHIEVER Nordic Trac Achiever
696 BEANIE BABIES (13) Beanie Babies, (8) Small Beanies, with carrying case
697 GEESE Ceramic Geese
698 LIFE JACKE ADULT (2) Life Jackets, Adult small/medium
699 WEIGHT BENCH Weight Bench with bar and weights
700 VINTAGE END TABLES (2) Vintage end tables, 28″ high
701 DVD’S Box of DVD’s
702 BOOKS (3) Boxes of Books
703 SIDE TABLE/PLANT STANDS (5) Side tables/plant stands
704 SAUCER CHAIR Saucer Chair and floor lamp
705 VINTAGE GENTLEMEN’S DRESSER Vintage Gentlemen’s Dresser, 20″ deep, 51″ high, 39″ wide
706 CHRISTMAS DÉCOR Large group of Wrapping Paper, Halogen Light décor, figurenes, Christmas linens
707 WALKIE TALKIES (2) Uniden Walkie Talkies
708 MENS SHOES (15+) Mens Shoes, Size 9 and 10, golfing, dress, rubber boots, hiking boots
709 CHAIRS THAT (5) Chairs – parlor, (2) wood rockers, sitting chair, doll chair
710 CD/CASSETTE PLAYERS (1) RCA and (1) AIWA CD/Cassette Players
711 LAMPS (5) Lamps – Crayon lamp, giraffe lamp, etc
712 COACH PURSE Coach Purse (can not verify if it is authentic)
713 VIAVEE BACK PACK/PURSE Viavee Back Pack/Purse
714 ASSORTMENT BOOKS, BAGS, TOTES (2) Under bed totes, box of books, numerous bags, purses, duffle bags
715 4 PIECE BEDROOM SET 4 Piece Full Bedroom set: tall chest drawers, nightstand, headboard and frame, chest of drawers with mirror. With all bedding.
716 OFFICE PACKAGE Office rolling chair, wood book shelf, small trash can, metal filing cabinet
717 MEAD TELESCOPE Mead Telescope on Stand, model 4422, D=114mm, F=910mm
718 ARBOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR Arbor Acoustic Guitar with hard case and soft case, 6 string, model # G596
719 FANS (5) Fans
720 VINYL RECORDS Box of Vinyl Records
721 WATERBED AND DRESSERS Waterbed frame with (2) dressers
722 PARLOR BENCH Parlor Bench, 43″ wide, 17″ deep, 20″ high, 6 wood legs with cushion top
723 FOLDING CHAIRS/TABLE AND STOOLS (3) Folding chairs with matching table, (3) stools, bookcase
724 AREA RUGS (2) Area Rugs, 120″X94″, 24″X75″
725 FOLDING EXERCISE Folding exercise mat with 5 panels, yoga mat
726 ELECTRIC COOLER Coleman 6 pack cooler, Electric Cooler with car adaptor and electric plug
727 GAMES AND CRAFTS (4) Boxes of Puzzles, games, bead crafts; little microscope, mini golf clubs with bag on wood book shelf
728 CANON PRINTER Canon Printer, fax, scanner, copier; Canon printer
729 SHARP MICROWAVE Sharp Carousel microwave Oven (NIB)
730 JAMES BROWN FIGURINE James Brown dancing/singing figurine
731 ROLLERBLADES, HELMETS, PADS Bauer size 10 roller blades, Bauer size 10 roller blades, Hydro size 7L roller blades, knee pads, helmets, Bauer size 9 roller blades, Vintage Ice Skates
732 KIDS ASSORTMENT Bango, kids toys, scooter
733 INFLATABLE TOBOGGAN Sevylor Tundra 1 Inflatable Toboggan
734 HEATERS (2) LP heaters and (1) electric heater
735 STAINLESS STEEL SINK Stainless steel sink, garbage disposal, shower caddy
736 CAMPING GEAR (2) Tents with poles and sleeping bag
737 AREA RUGS (2) Large Area Rugs, sizes unknown
738 VINTAGE CHILDRENS BOOKS Vintage childrens books, vinyl records, old magazines
739 STEAM MOP 5 in 1 Steam mop (NIB)
740 SOLAR LIGHTS/LAMP/POWER STRIPS Contents of Corner, (2) solar lights, lamp, crutches, power strips, etc.
741 ROCK TUMBLER Rock Tumbler (NIB)
742 CHAIRS THAT (2) Chairs that rollout into cushion beds
743 MITER SAW Toolshop Miter Saw
744 CLAMP LOT (10) wood clamps, (7) bar clamps
745 ELECTRIC WOOD WORKING TOOLS belt sander, palm sander, jigsaw, saudering gun, drill
746 IMPACT WRENCH Chicago Electric 1/2″ impact wrench (NIB)
747 AIR COMPRESSOR Airman cordless 12V air compressor (NIB)
748 PNEUMATIC BRAD NAILER Pneumatic Brad Nailer in case (like new)
749 BENCH GRINDER 6″ Bench Grinder (like new)
750 RECIPROCATING SAW DeWalt Reciprocating Saw in metal case
751 CUT OFF SAW Drill Master 6″ cut-off saw (like new)
752 DRILL PRESS/GRINDER/SAW Drill press stand, (2) electric drills, bench grinder, circular saw
753 BOX MISCELLANEOUS TOOLS Cordless Drill, tool belt, Scrapers, masonry tools, edgers
754 FILING CABINETS (4) Metal filing cabinets and (1) legal size filing cabinet
755 DRYING RACKS (2) Wood drying racks
756 SAW HORSES (2) Metal saw horses
757 OXYGEN TORCH KIT Benz-O-Matic oxygen torch kit (NIB)
758 PIPE WRENCHES (2) Pipe Wrenches
759 PRY BARS (2) Pry Bars
760 PIC AXE Pic Axe (like new) with poly handle
761 BENCH VISE/WOOD VISE Bench vise and wood vise
762 OFFICE PACKAGE Office Chair, magnifying light, poly organizer, power strips, paper cutter and more
763 TOOL PACKAGE Contents of table and shelves and wall: organizers, hammers, stlers, screws, hand saws, screw drivers, tool boxes, miscellaneous hardware, wrenches, lights, stains, puddy and more
764 SNOW SHOVELS/HOSES/HOSE REEL (3) Snowshovels, hose on reel, sprinklers, hoses, 4 way water splitter
765 LADDERS/TRASH CAN/COOLER (2) Folding wood ladders, Tru Value trash can, cooler, moving blanket



SALE CONDUCTED BY: ProCountry, LLC Auction Service, Registered Wisconsin Auction Company # 280; Mondovi, WI.  AUCTIONEERS:  Scott Werlein (715) 495-6131 Registered WI Auctioneers #178


TERMS:  Cash, Wire transfer or certified funds may be used for payment.  Credit/Debit Cards accepted with a 4% buyer’s premium.  15% Buyers Fee Applies.  WI 5.5% sales tax will be collected on required items.  All items being offered for sale are being sold “as is, where is” with no warranty or guarantee.  Listing is subject to change prior to auction.


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