Marceille Stelter Estate Auction




Began: 03/12/20 at 1:00 PM CDT
Ended: 04/23/20 at 6:00 PM CDT



AUCTION ENDS:     Thursday, April 23, 2020

INSPECTION:         Saturday, March 21, 2020 – 11 am to 1 pm

PICK UP:                Saturday, April 25, 2020 – scheduled times for pickup

LOCATION:             W581 State Road 121, Mondovi, WI       

TO BID & BUY:   

DIRECTIONS: W581 State Road 121, Mondovi, WI which is 3 miles south of Mondovi on Hwy 37 to Hwy 88 for 4.7 miles, turn left onto Hwy 121 for 1.4 miles to auction location. Watch for the ProCountry Auction signs.

AUCTION NOTES:   **Shipping is NOT available.  **Must be a Wisconsin Resident, at least 18 Years Old, and NOT a Felon to purchase gun!!  

204 2012 CHEVY EQUINOX AWD 2012 Chevy Equinox AWD, VIN # 2GNFLNEK3C6248223 , mileage reads: 27,839 miles, leather interior, luggage rack, metalic tan, FlexFuel E85 Ethanol
206 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE LE JARDINIES Pitcher, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Glass Bowl
207 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Glass Turtle, Colored Glass Container, Glass Bell
208 ASSORTMENT DECORATIVE GLASSWARE Decorative Serving Bowls, Decorative Plates, Decorative Cups
209 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Decorative Serving Bowls, Decorative Plates, Plate Hanger
210 GLASS VASE Blenko Handcraft Vase
211 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Glass Trinket Box(new in box), Glass Vase, Glass Cream & Sugar
212 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Decanter and Vegetable Trays
214 (9) GLASS VASES (9) Glass Vases
215 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Candy Dishes and Relish Trays
216 CHINA (4) Old China Cups and (6) Plates
217 ASSORTMENT COASTERS (4) Porcelain Coasters, Set of Gold Plated Coasters, and 3 other Coasters
218 ASSORTMENT KNIVES Break Knife, Electric Knife Blades, Steak Knives, Pearing Knives
219 CHINA (4) China Pattern Serving Bowls, Glass Candy Dish
220 KITCHEN UTENSILS Can Opener, Serving Spoons, Measuring Cups, Potato Masher & More
221 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE (4) Punch Cups, Sugar Dish, Glass Candy Dish & More
222 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Water Pitcher, (6) Glasses, Creamer, Sugar Dish, Candy Dish
223 COLORED GLASS Carnival Glass: Candy Dishes, Saucers, Cups, Bowls
224 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Cups, Pitcher, Candy Dishes
225 CHINA Colored China Glass: Plates, Tea Server, Creamer
226 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Glass Pie Dishes, Decorative Plates
227 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Colored Glass Cake Dish, Candy Dish, Glasses
228 HOUSEHOLD (1) Wooden Spice Rack, (1) Glass Spice Rack
229 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Glass Casserole Dish and Lid, Glass Casserole Dish, Glass Pitcher
231 CHINA (7) China Serving Bowls
232 SERVING BOWLS Set of (8) Serving Bowls with Leaf Pattern
233 COFFEE MUGS (2) boxes of Coffee Mugs
234 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE (4) Plates, (3) Cake Plates, (4) Coffee Saucers
235 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Glass Serving Plates and Candy Dishes
236 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Water Pitcher and (6) Matching Glasses, and (3) Glasses
237 (3) COFFEE WARMERS (3) Coffee Warmers
238 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Candy Dish and (16) Color Glass Glasses
239 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Variety of Vases and Candle Holders
240 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Tea Warmer, Old Lighter, Serving Bowls, Sewing Plates
241 ASSORTMENT GLASSWARE Plates, Cake Plates, Stemmed Glasses, Vases
242 CHRISTMAS KNICK KNACKS Assortment of Christmas Knick Knacks
243 CHRISTMAS GLASSWARE Assortment of Christmas Cookie Plates and Christmas Tins
244 CHINA Assortment of China Plates and Soup Bowls and Plates
245 FONDUE BOX Box with (2) Fondue Pots, (3) Fondue Forks, Serving Spoon & Fork
246 CANISTER, BOWL Tin Metal Canister and Rooster Pouring Bowl
247 ASSORTMENT OF GLASSWARE Assortment of Cups,Candy Jar, Glass Basket
248 ASSORTMENT UTENSILS Assortment Utensils: Forks, Knives, Spoons, Serving Spoons
249 SALAD BOWLS AND GLASS PIE TIN (2) Salad Bowls: (1) Metal and (1) Glass, Glass Pie Tin
250 PLATES AND CUPS Assortment Oval Plates and Cups
251 METAL COFFEE POT AND METAL TEA POT Metal Coffee Pot and Metal Tea Pot
252 COOKIE CUTTERS AND TINS Cookie Cutters and Muffin Tins
253 ICE CREAM MAKER Ice Cream Maker
254 MICROWAVE BACON COOKER, BOWLS, WARMERS, CUTTING BOARD Microwave Bacon Cooker, Bowls, Warmers, Cutting Board
255 OUTDOOR SNOWMAN 4′ electric Light Up Snowman
256 SPRAYER TANK Chapin 1.4 Gallon Sprayer Tank
257 WASH TUBS Large Old Wash Tub and Small Wash Sink
258 CAR RAMPS (2) Car Ramps
259 STEP LADDER Small Wooden Step Ladder
260 IRONING BOARD Old Metal Ironng Board
261 MILK CAN Milk Can with Cover
262 MILK CAN Milk Can with Cover
263 MONDOVI MILK CAN Mondovi Co-op Milk Can with Cover
264 MILK CAN Milk Can with no Cover
265 MILK CAN Milk Can with no Cover
266 SMALL CREAM CAN WITH RUST AND HOLES Small Cream Can with rust and holes
267 OIL CONTAINER Old Amoco Oil Container
268 GAS AND OIL CAN Old Gasoline Can and Archer Polmerik Oil Can
269 METAL CAN Old Metal Can
270 ASSORTMENT COLORED AND CLEAR GLASS CANDY DISHES Assortment Colored and Clear Glass Candy Dishes
271 (18) BREAD TINES AND MINI LOAF PANS (18) Bread Tines and Mini Loaf Pans
272 STAINLESS STEEL MIXING BOWLS (7) Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls
273 KITCHEN COOKWARE Heart Cake Pan, Sifter, Pie Pans, Square Cake Pans
274 KITCHEN COOKWARE (2) Sauce Pans with Lids and Extra Lid
275 KITCHEN COOKWARE (2) Old Style Sauce Pans with Lids and (2) Stock Pots with Lids
276 KITCHEN COOKWARE Glass Casserole Dish with Lid, Glass Pie Plate, (3) Glass Serving Bowls
277 KITCHEN COOKWARE (8) cookie Sheets, Pie Tins, Cake Pan and Cover, Large Stock Pot, Pizza Pan, Cooling Rack, Stainless Steel Bowl
278 BATS (3) Wooden Bats: (1) Winner #80, (1) winner #90 Regulation, (1) JR
279 KITCHEN STORAGE CONTAINERS Cheese Container, Pickle Container, Bowl with Led, Bread Holder with Led, Large Square Tote
280 BOWLS, GLASSES, STORAGE CONTAINERS (2) Pyrex Bowls, Cheese Dish with Glass Cover, Tea Pot, Glasses, Good Storage Containers with Lids
281 CRUTCHES (4) Sets of Crutches
282 WINE AND GOBLET GLASSES (38) Wine Glasses and Goblets (2 Boxes)
283 WATER AND JUICE GLASSES (20) Water Glasses and Juice Glasses, Deviled Egg Server, Water Pitcher, Serving Trays (2 Boxes)
284 CHEESE GRATER/SLICER, MASHER, ROSETTE IRON Old Cheese Graters and Slicers, Old Masher, (2) Shoe Stretchers, Rosette Iron
285 CANDY DISHES, KNICK KNACKS Cookie Jar, Serving Tray with Cups, Candy Dishes, Knick Knacks (3 Boxes)
286 SET OF CORELLE DISHES Set of Corelle Dishes, Large Plates, Salad Plates, Cake Plates, Coffee Saucers, Cereal Bowls, Coffee Cups, Salt and Pepper Shakers
287 CANDY DISHES, BEER STEIN, MUGS Coffee Mugs, Beer Stein, Cake Plates, Serving Tray, Candy Dishes (2 Boxes)
288 KITCHEN ACCESSORIES Serving Tray with Lid, Metal Bowls, Roosters, Sifters, Spoon Rest, Canister Set, Cheese Board with Knife, Measuring Cups and Spoons
289 GLASS PANS AND CROCK POT (2) Pyrex Glass Baking Pans and Electric Crock Pot
290 GLASSWARE Miscellaneous Glassware, Relish Dish, Punch Cups, Candy Jar, Mixing Bowl (2 Boxes)
291 CANDY DISHES (3) Glass Candy Dishes
292 KITCHEN ACCESSORIES Small Coffee Pot, Small Crock, Serving Bowl, Hamburger Smasher, Salt and Pepper Shakers
293 GLASS REPLACEMENT GLOBE Glass Replacement Globe 13″ X 15″
294 GAS CANS (5) Gas Cans
295 MEAT GRINDER, CAN OPENER, MEASURING SPOONS Old Meat Grinder, Electric Can Opener, Metal Measuring Cups, Forks, Spoons
296 CAMPING PLATES, UTENSILS, FRYING PAN Old Camping Plates, Old Bowl, Old Utensils, Metal Camping Frying Pan
297 WOODEN BIRD HOUSE AND CRATE Wooden Bird House and Wooden Crate
298 GLASS BOWL, LETTER HOLDER Colored Glass Bowl, Nut Holder, Letter Holder, Small Relish Tong
299 BIRD BATH Birth Bath 20″ wide X 28″ tall
300 HARDWOOD CARVING BOARD Hardwood Carving Board with Accessories 12″ X 20″
301 COAT RACK AND LAMP Wooden Coat Rack and Lamp
302 ELECTRIC FRY PAN Westbend Electric Fry Pan, New 11″
303 ROLLING PINS, PYREX, RAGDOLL (2) Rolling Pins, Pyrex Bowls and Lids, Rag Doll
304 ALARM CLOCK, EXERCISER Electric alarm Clock Radio, (2) Rowing Exercisers, Curling Iron, Bird Feeder
305 VACCUM SEALER Seal-A-Meal Vaccum Sealer
306 YAMAHA ORGAN Yamaha Electric Organ, model 2050, Ser # 56712
307 WOOD WAGAON Homemade Wood Wagon 101″ X 52″
309 YOKES (5) Yokes: (2) 23″ long, (1) 44 1/2″ long, (1) 36″ long, (1) 42 1/2″ long
310 PULLEYS AND ROPES Pulleys and Ropes
311 LEATHER STRAPS, ROPES, WHIPS Assortment Leather Straps and Whips
313 BIRD FEEDER, BUG ZAPPER, TELEPHONE (2) Yard Cup Holders, Telephone, 10″ X 25′ all Purpose Plastic, Bird Feeder, Bug Zapper
314 BLACK AND DECKER CIRCULAR SAW, TRIMMERS Black and Decker Circular Saw, (3) Hedge Trimmers, Walking Trimmer
315 EVEREST & JENNINGS WHEEL CHAIR, WALKERS Everest & Jennings Wheel Chair, (2) Walkers
316 SHOP VAC 5 Gallon Shop Vac 1.25 HP
317 CEMENT BLOCKS (28) Cement Blocks
318 MILK CAN, CHARCOAL GRILL Old Milk Can and Charcoal Grill
319 JUMPER CABLES, ROPE, WIRING Jumper Cables, Rope, Electrical Wiring
320 HORSE SUPPLIES Horse Supplies, Horse Shoer, Curry Comb and other horse items
321 ROPE WIRE STRETCHER/CHAIN BINDERS Rope Wire Stretcher and (2) Chain Binders
322 AXE, CLIPPERS,TRIMMER Axe, Clipppers, Limb Trimmer
323 TRAPS (7) Traps
324 PIC AXE/HAND SAWS Pic Axe, Hand Saws, Bug Sprayer
325 CROW BARS, METAL BARS, SAW BLADES (2) Crow Bars, Metal Bar, Bin of Saw Blades and Miscellaneous, Level
326 METAL BUCKETS, POTTERTY POTS (2) Metal Buckets, (2) Pottery Pots, Calf Pail, Pot
327 METAL FILING CABINET 2 Door Metal Filing Cabinet
328 ICE HOOK Large Ice Hook
329 OIL CAN, OIL, FUSES Old Oil Can, (4) Jugs Oil, Fuses, Large Nails
330 METAL BUCKET, OIL, NAILS Curry Comb, Metal Bucket, Oil, Nails, Vent Pipe
331 HAND TOOLS, NAILS Miscellaneous Hand Tools, Nails, WD-40, Metal Square Bucket
332 HAND TOOLS, BRUSHES Miscellaneous Hand Tools, Brushes, Clamps
333 TV TRAYS, PAPER SHREDDER (4) TV Trays, Shredder Essentials Paper Shredder, Bowling Ball
334 YARD TOOLS (10) Miscellaneous Yard Tools: Shovels, Rakes, Pitch Fork, Garden Hoes
335 LADDER 5′ Metal Ladder
336 HAMMERS, SQUARE, HAND SAWS, WRENCHES, BIKE PUMP Hammers, Square, Hand Saws, Wrenches, Bike Pump
337 WRENCHES, BITS, FILES, HARDWARE Wrenches, Bits, Files, Hardware
338 HORSE SUPPLIES Horse Brush, Yoke, Mini Saddle
339 APRON, SPRAYERS, SPRINKLER Apron (new), (2) Hose Sprayers,, Sprinkler
340 PRESSURE COOKER, BREAD TINS, CAKE AND COOKIE SHEETS Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker (new), Long Bread Tins, (4) Cake Pans, Cookie Sheet
341 BAKING UTENSILS, SKEWERS, COIN BANKS Baking Utensils (new), Skewers, Coin Banks, Miscellaneous
342 POTATO EXPRESS, SKEWER, KITCHEN UTENSILS Potato Express, Corn Holders, Skewer, Kitchen Utensils, Cupcake Pan, Wallet
343 METAL SHELF CABINET Metal 4 Shelf Cabinet 66″ high X 16″ deep X 24″ wide
344 CHARCOAL GRILL Weber Charcoal Grill
345 GLIDER EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Sky Glider Exercise Equipment 
346 HEAVY DUTY TRANSPORTER Heavy Duty Transporter (new)
348 KITCHEN TABLE WITH 4 CHAIRS AND LEAF Kitchen Table with 4 Chairs and Leaf
349 WHEEL BARROW Wheel Barrow
350 OUTDOOR PLANTERS (3) Large Outdoor Planters
351 BIRD HOUSE, SHEPHERD HOOK Bird House and Shepherds Hook
352 LENIES BOTTLES AND BOX Leinenkugel Bottles and Box
353 MISCELLANEOUS YARD TOOLS Miscellaneous Yard Tools: Rakes, Shovels, Hoes, Brushes
354 SAUER KRAUT CUTTER Sauer Kraut Cutter
355 THREAD, UPHOLSTERY NAILS, PINS, BINDING, BUTTONS Box of Thread, Upholstery Nails, Pins, Binding, Buttons
356 YARN, NEEDLES, PINS, PUNCH EMBROIDERY, BINDING, BUTTONS Yarn, Needles, Pins, Punch Embroidery, Binding, Buttons
357 CROCK – SOME CRACKS Whiskey Crock – some cracks
358 HAND CRANK GRINDER Hand Crank Grinder
359 BLANKETS THAT READ “AWARDED BY TRI-STATE BREEDERS CO-OP”, WHIPS, HALTERS (4) Calf Blankets that read “Awarded by Tri-State Breeders Co-op”, Whips, Leather Halters
360 CORDLESS DRILL, LANTERN, CALK GUN Cordless Drive-R-Drill, Metal Lantern, Calk Gun
362 COFFEE BREWER, WATER COOLER, COOLER Electric Coffee Brewer, Coleman Water Cooler, Tote 12 Cooler
363 CALF WEEN CARDBOARD BARREL Calf Ween cardboard Barrel 3/4 full of yarn, bias, sheen
364 VASES, CANDY JAR, COOKIE JAR Sewing Tray, (2) Vases, Candy Jar, Cookie Jar
365 HANGING SCALE, CLOCK, CLAMPS 60 lb Hanging Scale, Old Electric Clock, (8) Clamps, Wash Basin
366 KITCHEN COOKWARE Silicone Bakeware, Knives, (2) Greaseless Grill, Wireless Closet Light, Kitchen Utensils, Sponges
367 METAL ROLLING CART, 3 DRAWER ORGANIZER Metal 3 Shelf Rolling Cart, 3 Drawer Organizer
368 FILE CABINET WITH BOTTOM CABINET, METAL WALL CLOCK Metal File Cabinet with Bottom Cabinet (no key), Metal Wall Clock
369 SUITCASE, CUTTING BOARD, HARDWARE, MISCELLANEOUS KITCHEN GLASS Hanging Suitcase, Cutting Board, Clipboard, Smokeless Ashtray, Hardware, Miscellaneous Kitchen Glass, (2) Metal Cutouts
370 CASE FULL OF BUTTONS, THREAD, TRIM, LACE AND BASKET FULL OF BUTTONS THREAD, TRIM AND LACE Metal Case full of Buttons, Thread, Trim, Lace and Basket full of Buttons Thread, Trim and Lace
371 PLASTIC SHELVING UNITS Stackable Plastic Shelving Units
372 BOX OF METAL TINS: HERSHEY’S, CHRISTMAS METAL TINS: HERSHEY’S, CHRISTMAS AMERICAN (25+) Box of Metal Tins: Hershey’s, Christmas, American Railroad, Terry Redlin
373 BLANKETS, PILLOW COVERS, RUG, AFGHAN, ELECTRIC BLANKET Box of Blankets, Pillow Covers, Rug, Afghan, Electric Blanket
374 HORSE WALL HANGING, COMFORTER Pillow, Horse Wall Hanging, Comforter in Tote
375 WOOL BLANKETS, CHAIR CUSHIONS (4) Wool Blankets (3) Chair Cushions
376 AFGHAN, COMFORTERS Afghan, 2 Bed Covers, Tote with 2 Comforters
377 DUSTERS, WALL DÉCOR, KNICK KNACKS (2) Dusters, Hanging Fall Decoration, Bird Knick Knack
378 YARD STICKS (5) Yard Sticks: Equity, Midland, Lester Mueller and a New Tension Rod
379 STADIUM SEATS (2) Stadium Seats
380 WALL DÉCOR, KNICK KNACKS Easter Decorations, Wall Décor, Metal Ladles, Knick Knacks
381 PLATE COLLECTION (4) American Fold Art Plate Collection with Certificate of Authenticity, (1) Reco Knowles Plate – No Certificate, (1) Lowell Herrero Plate – with Certificate of Authenticity
382 APRONS, PLACEMATS, DOILIES, PLATE Aprons, Table Placements, Linens, Rags, Doilies, Crochet Runners, Glass Decorative Plate
383 STEP STOOL, LAMP Step Stool/Ladder, Metal Wall Shelf, Lamp
384 CAPPUCCINO EXPRESS Cappuccino Express (new in box), Water Jug, Ecologizer
385 DUCK PLANTERS, PIGGY BANKS, VASES (2) Duck Planters, (2) Glass Piggy Banks, Planters, Vases
386 KITCHEN TOWELS, BATH TOWELS, CARVING TRAY Knife Organizer, 7 pc Towel Kitchen Set, Pot Holders, Bath Towels, Wash Clothes, Carving Tray
387  OLD WOODEN CANES, BAMBOO CANE (3) Old Wooden Canes, (1) Bamboo Cane
388 DOILIES, FLOUR TOWELS, POT HOLDERS, TABLE RUNNERS Doilies, Flour Towels, Pot Holders, Table Runners
389 QUILT AND SHEETS WITH PILLOWCASES IN PLASTIC TOTE Homemade Quilt and Sheets with Pillowcases in Plastic Tote
390 FRYER, FRYING PANS, SMALL SAUCE PANS, SQUARE CAKE PAN, ROUND CAKE PAN Cooker/Fryer, (4) Frying Pans, (2) Small Sauce Pans, Square Cake Pan, Round Cake Pan
391 LARGE SAUCE PAN, CAMPFIRE KETTLE Large Sauce Pan, Chicken Bucket Pressure Cooker, Campfire Kettle
392 CROCK POT, SAUCE PAN, COOLING RACK Small Crock Pot, Medium Sauce Pan with Lid, (3) Cooling Racks, Roaster with Lid, Pressure Cooker
393 BOWLS, LIDS, RUBBERMAID CONTAINERS WITH LIDS, SERVING TRAYS Plastic Bowls, Lids, Rubbermaid Containers with Lids, (3) Serving Trays, Microwave Cover (2 Boxes)
394 CAST IRON PANS (4) Cast Iron Pans: (1) 10 1/2″, (1) #7, (1) #5, (1) ?
395 BOX OF KITCHEN UTENSILS, 2 TIER SERVING PLATTEREN UTENSILS, METAL CAKE Box of Kitchen Utensils, 2 Tier Serving Platter, (2) Vases, Metal Cake Server with Lid
396 NAPKINS, PLACEMATS, DOILIES, TABLE CLOTHS, TABLE RUNNERS, JIGSAW ROLL UP MAT, SELF ADHESIVE PLASTIC Cloth Napkins, Placemats, Doilies, Table Cloths, Table Runners, Jigsaw Roll Up Mat, Self Adhesive Plastic
397 PLUSH BLANKET, NEW POTHOLDERS, NEW FULL SIZE SHEET SET, BEVERAGE NAPKINS, NEW PAPER PLATES New Plush Blanket, New Potholders, New Full Size Sheet Set, Beverage Napkins, New Paper Plates
398 WALL HANGING, MASSAGE CHAIR PAD, PLANTERS, NUT CRACKER, THERMOMETER Duck Wall Hanging, Massage Chair Pad, (3) Planters, Nut Cracker, Thermometer
399 BAG OF PILLOWCASES, STEP STOOL Bag of Pillowcases, Step Stool, (2) Wall Clocks, (2) Crocks
400 BROILING PAN, ELECTRIC HOT PLATE, HOT PLATE Broiling Pan, Electric Hot Plate, (2) Pitchers, Food Containers
401 METAL TINS Reed & Barton Silver Plate items, Red Dot Potato Chip Metal Tin, Nabisco Metal Tin, Hershey’s Metal Tin
402 OLD CHILDREN’S SHOES WOMEN’S OLD ADULT SHOES Old Children’s Shoes, Adult Shoes, Women’s Old Top
403 BOWLS, GLASS BREAD TIN, ASSORTMENT PLACEMATS, OLD ROAST PAN, CANDLES Glass Bowls, Glass Bread Tin, Assortment Placemnts, Old Roast Pan, Candles
404 WINDCHIMES, BIRD HOUSE (2)Windchimes, (1) Bird Wind Mill, (1) Coconut Bird House
405 OLD BOTTLES: SLOAN’S, CHIPPEWA VALLEY BEVERAGE, LANGE Assortment Glass Bottles: Sloan’s Linement, Chippewa Valley Beverage, Lange 
406 MIRACLE WHIP TINS, COMPLEXION BRUSH, MOBIL STATION ASHTRAY, OLD SMALL TINS, SEIDLITZ POWDER (2) 4 Gallon Miracle Whip Tins, Complexion Brush, Mobil Station Ashtray, Old Small Tins, Seidlitz Powder
407 MASSAGER IN SUITCASE, OLD METAL FAN (WORKS) Foot Massager in Suitcase, Old Metal Fan (works)
408 OLD SUITCASE WITH VINTAGE SKIRT AND TOP Old Suitcase with Vintage Skirt and Top
409 SUITCASE FILLED WITH YARN, CROCHET NEEDLES AND BULOVA TRANSISTOR RADIO Old Suitcase Filled with Yarn, Crochet Needles and Bulova Transistor Radio
410 PRECISION SEWING MACHINE IN WOODEN CRATE AND ROCKING CHAIR PIN CUSHION Chippewa Precision Sewing Machine in Wooden Crate and Rocking Chair Pin Cushion
411 BELLE & HOWELL PORTABLE STEREO TAPE RECORDER Belle & Howell Portable Stereo Tape Recorder
412 SEWING MACHINE IN CASE WITH FOOT PEDAL Singer Sewing Machine in Case with Foot Pedal
413 SEWING MACHINE IN CARRYING CASE WITH FOOT PEDAL AND ACCESSORIES Singer Sewing Machine in Carrying Case with Foot Pedal and Accessories
414 METAL LOCK BOXES, PORTABLE PUB (2) Metal Lock Boxes, (1) Wooden Lock Box, (1) Portable Pub
415 DECORATIVE PLATES: INDEPENDENCE, GILMANTON, IRWIN,PA, MONDOVI (8) Old Decorative Plates: Independence, Gilmanton, Irwin,PA, Mondovi
416 BOXES, BURLAP BAG, (2) FLOUR SACKS, WOODEN JEWELRY BOX, DULCE BOX (8) Cigar Boxes, Burlap Bag, (2) Flour Sacks, Wooden Jewelry Box, Dulce Box
417 WALLETS, OLD SPECTACLES (7) Wallets/ Coin Purse, (4) Spectacles, Cigarette Pouch
418 HAND MIXER, ELECTRIC KNIFE Hand Mixer, Electric Knife, (6) Independence Cups, Blair-Lookout-Pepsi Memorabilia
419 PIE DISH, ANGEL KNICK KNACKS Pie Dish, Willowtree Angel Stand, Glass Angels, Wooden Box
420 METAL/WOOD TRUNK Metal/ Wood Trunk 31″ X 13″ X 17″
421 METAL TRUNK    Metal Trunk 28″ X 10″ X 15″
422 METAL TRUNK    Metal Trunk 30″ X 12″ X 16″
423 WOOD TRUNK Wood Trunk 32″ X 13″ X 17″
424 US STAMPED WOOD TRUNK US Stamped Wood Trunk “ABEL & BACH 1942″ 32″ X 13″ X 16”
425 OLD SUITCASE, NIGHT BAG, HAIR DRYER Large Old Suitase, Old Small Over Night Bag, Old Hair Dryer, Fabric Bag
426 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS   Christmas Decorations: (4) Deer, (2) Wreaths, (1) Tree, (1) Swag
427 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS Christmas Decorations: (2) Trees, Ribbon, Crystal Holiday Tree, Lights, Bulbs, Table Runner
428 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS Christmas Decorations: Porcelain Church, Lot of Bulbs, Night Before Christmas Book, Land O’ Lakes Ornaments, Christmas Plates, Towels, Knick Knacks
429 CHRISTMAS DÉCOR Christmas Placemats, Tree Snow Kit, Snowmen Family, Large Stand-up Snowman, Rug
430 OLD BOARD GAMES Old Four Handed Checkers in box, Old Checkers & Michigan Rummy in Box, Old Checkers, Old Checkers Game in Bag
431 OLD BOARD GAMES Trivia Pursuit, Uno, Pachisi, Tin of Marbles
432 WALL PICTURES Electric Jesus Picture, Bear, Lights
433 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (2) Small Decorated Trees, Candle, Light up Christmas Display, Bell, Ornament, Cup, Nutcrackers, Christmas Decorations
434 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS Christmas Decorations: Bulbs, Electric Knick Knack, Assortment Knick Knacks
435 OLD BOARD GAMES Old Badmitton Set, Old Chinese Checkers, Old Password, Old Scrabble, Old Canasta Cards
436 OLD BOARD GAMES Old Bingo Game, Old Cootie Game, Old Cribbage Board, Checkers
437 OLD BOARD GAMES Old Monopoly Board, Old Clue Game, Old Pixi Sticks, Table Tennis Set
438 METAL “THERMASTER” COOLER Old Metal “Thermaster” Cooler
439 OIL LAMPS (2) Old Oil Lamps
440 BEDROOM FURNITURE SET 7 Drawer Dresser with Mirror, 5 Drawer Tall Dresser, Headboard, Metal Bed Frame
441 SEWING MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES Box of Old Patterns, Thread, Knick Knacks, Sewing Machine, Wood Box, Embroidery Rings, Embroidery Thread
442 COTTON IN ORIGINAL PAPER Imported Cotton in Original Paper
443 VOTIVES, LIGHTED CLOCK, STAINED GLASS, METAL TIN Sconce, Votives, Lighted Clock, Stained Glass, Metal Tin
444 WALL LIGHTS, CAROUSEL HORSE, RED CAROUSEL HORLSE (3) Wall Lights, Carousel Horse, Red Vase Decoration, (2) Wind-Up Clocks
445 SWINGING CARAFE Swinging Carafe
446 CAST IRON WAFFLE MAKER Cast Iron Waffle Maker “Patent May 8 1883”, Perfection Waffle Baker
447 BUGGY, GLASS HORSE, HEAVY CARDINAL STATUE, HORSE SHOE HORN, COW STATUE Glass Buggy, Glass Horse, Heavy Cardinal Statue, Horse Shoe Horn, Cow Statue
448 BIRD HOUSE, KITCHEN CLOCK Norwegian Bird House, Kitchen Clock, Wall Décor
449 SHELF, WALL PICTURES, CUCKOO CLOCK Shelf, (2) Wall Pictures, Cuckoo Clock, Mirror
450 LAMPS Wall Light, Small Lamp with Shade, Large Flower Lamp with Shade
451 LAMPS Christmas Lamp with Shade, Candle Lamp, Floral Print Lamp with Shade, Jug Lamp with Shade
452 HORSE COLLAR CLOCK Horse Collar Clock 21″ high X 13″ wide
453 LAMPS (4) Electric Lamps
454 EASTER DECORATIONS, DÉCOR Easter Decorations, Deer Figurine, Votive, Glass Angel Figurine, Blue Jay Ring Holder
455 SMALL OIL LAMP AND LARGE OIL LAMP Small Oil Lamp and Large Oil Lamp
457 OLD CAMERA, LARGE OLD SAFETY PINS No. 2 Brownie Camera, Metal Iron, Large Old Safety Pins, Spoon Rests
458 DOILY STRETCHER Doily Stretcher 24″ high X 21″ wide
459 HEMINGWAY PICTURE, BUDWESISER PLATE, PLATES Hemingway Picture, Budweiser Plate # 12837 in Wood Case, (3) Plates, Clock
460 PLATES, TEA POT, BELL, CUP, RING BOX (18) Decorative Plates, Tea Pot, Bell, Cup, Ring Box
461 CHINA Large China Collection: Gravy Bowl, Sugar Bow, Creamer, (2) Wine Glasses, Platter, (12) Tea Cups, (12) Large Plates, (24) Salad Plates, (12) Small Bowls, (12) Medium Bowls, (12) Cake Plates
462 MEAT GRINDER, CLOCK Meat Grinder with attachments, Electric Clock, Candle Holder
463 PLATES, KNICK KNACKS, VASE Friends Plate with Holder, Decorative Bowl with Holder, Dog Knick Knacks, Candle Holders, Vase, Basket with Flowers
464 DAISY BB GUN Daisy BB Gun
465 RUGER 22 Ruger Model 10/22 Semi Auto Rifle with 2 Clips, Ser # 241-84743 *****Must be a WISCONSIN resident, Must be 18 Years Old, Must not be a Felon!!!*****
466 HOLSTER & GUN SET IN GLASS CASE AND SET OF KIDS SPURS Kids Holster & Gun Set in Glass Case (was Diane Heikes when she was a child) and set of Kids Spurs
467 Mandolin Guitar “Easy Method” Madolin Guitar Panama Model 1915
468 JP CHANCEY CO SHAVING KIT, NORELCO AND SUNBEAM SHAVERS J.P. Chancey Co Shaving Kit with Shaver, Blades, Brushes and Combs, Old Norelco Shaver with Trimmer, Old Sunbeam Electric Shaver
469 TELEPHONE T-P-6-A Vintage Telephone T-P-6-A 
470 PATSY CLINE SIGNED PIC, LAMP, KNICK KNACKS Horse Wall Picture, Patsy Cline Signed Picture, Electric Lamp, Wood Knick Knacks
471 SILVER SILVERWARE SET IN WOODEN CASE 1881 Rogers Silver Silverware Set in Wooden Case
472 US CREAM SEPERATORS METAL SIGN U.S. Cream Seperators Metal Sign
473 1847 ROGER BROS. CAKE KNIFE, OLD OIL THERMOMETER 1847 Rogers Bros. Cake Knife (silver), Ronson Lighter in Original Box, Jackknife, 2 Tier Tower, Old Oil Thermometer
474 LARGE METAL ROUND BIN Large Metal Round Bin with Lid 30″ high X 17″ wide
475 VREAM METAL CAN Vream Metal Can with Lid 21″ high X 17″ wide
476 DR MCGILLICUDDYS GLASS JUG Dr McGillicuddys Glass Jug 11″ high X 9″ wide
477 ELECTRIC LAMPS, WALL HANGING (2) Electric Lamps and Butterfly Wall Hangings
478 LAND O’ LAKES PLATTER AND MISCELLANEOUS Land O’ Lakes Platter, Felt Strawberries Crafts, Napkins Rings, Thermometer
479 AFTER SHAVE COLOGNE DISPENSERS (17) After Shave Cologne Dispensers (2 Boxes)
480 CANDY DISHES, TIN CAN, BASTER Candy Dishes, Tin Can, Ice Cube Trays, New Baster (2 Boxes)
481 ASSORTMENT OF PUZZLES (15) Puzzles, From 500 pieces – 1000 pieces
482 SET OF ENCYCLOPEDIAS 1950 Copyright, (16) Encyclopedias, Whole Set
483 BINDER WITH MULTIPLE PAINT & PICTURE BOOKS Holidays, Patchy, Sleepy Tie, Bowtie Book
484 READERS DIGEST BOOKS (15) Reader’s Digest Books
485 KIDS BOOKS (19) Kids Books
486 KIDS BOOKS (20) Kids Books
487 BETTER HOMES & GARDENS BOOKS (13) Better Homes & Gardens Books
488 HOME REMEDY/HEALTHY LIFESTYLE BOOKS (10) Home Remedy/ Healthy Lifestyle Books
489 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (15) Miscellaneous Books
490 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (21) Miscellaneous Books
491 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (21) Miscellaneous Books
492 MISCELLANEOUS COOKBOOKS (@30) Miscellaneous Cookbooks
493 MISCELLANEOUS COOKBOOKS (20) Miscellaneous Cookbooks
494 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (@20) Miscellaneous Books – Geometry, Cookbooks, Gone With the Wind(1940)
495 DR. WEBSTER’S SERIES OF DICTIONARIES 1861 Dr. Webster’s Series of Distionaries (1-9)
496 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (@20) Miscellaneous Books  
497 HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY BOOKS (7) History/ Geography Books (1871-1921)
498 OLD EDUCATION BOOKS (9) Old Education Books – Medical Advisor 1886-Arithmetics, Language Lessons 1883-Elementary Algebra, Business Forms 1877
499 MISCELLANEOUS COOKBOOKS (17) Miscellaneous Cookbooks
500 BIBLES, NEW TESTAMENT, STRENGTH FOR SERVICE (35) Religious Books (1816-1937)
502 LEDGERS (2) Ledgers 1879 & 1891
503 MISCELLANEOUS OLD BOOKS (7) Miscellaneous Old Books – Almanac 1913, Treasury of Facts 1888, Dictionary 1925
504 OLD FARMERS BOOKS (10) Old Farmers Books – 1906 Practical Home Vet, 1874 The American Farmers Horse Book
505 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS (23) Kids, Novels, Birds
506 RANDOM HOUSE SERIES BOOKS (24) Not a complete set
507 LAKE ENGLISH CLASSICS (6) Not a Complete Set, There is 6 of 14
508 BUFFALO & TREMPELEAU BOOKS 1966 Buffalo County Atlas, 1913 & 1914 Wisconsin Highway Commission, 1924 & 1925 Trempeleau County Board Supervisor
509 BOX OF MUSIC SHEETS Music Sheets for all Different Kind of Instruments
510 THE ARM CHAIR LIBRARY SERIES BOOKS (10) The Arm Chair Library Series Books
511 CHILDREN’S PAINT & READING BOOKS (@50) Box full of Children’s Paint Books and Reading Books
512 MISCELLANEOUS OLD BOOKS (11) Miscellaneous Old Books 1853-1927
513 MISCELLANEOUS OLD BOOKS (8) Miscellaneous Old Books 1908-1928
514 VINYLS/RECORDS (28) Stack of Vinyl Records
515 VINYLS/RECORDS (21) Stack of Vinyl Records
516 VINYLS/RECORDS (6) 45’s , (7) 
517 VINTAGE BOOK Old Binded Book with Old Newspaper Clippings of Poems, Family Marriages & Deaths, The Beaver Noll Newspaper, 22″ long X 18″ wide
518 WALL DÉCOR (4) Wall Pictures,16″ X 12″
519 HOME DÉCOR (6) Pictures, (1) Mirror, (1) Frame
520 VICTROLA WOOD TRUNK “Victrola” stamped on side of Wood Trunk, 44″ wide X 24″ high X 27″ deep
521 INDEPENDENCE WOOD TRUNK “M.A. Wiemer & Co. Independence, WI” on Wood Trunk 42″ wide X 25″ high X 25 1/2″ deep
522 WOOD CHAIR WITH SLIP COVER Wood Chair with Slip Cover, 30 1/2 high X 16″ wide X 14″ deep
523 CAVALIER CEDAR CHEST Cedar Chest with Built in Shelf, 47″ high X 21″ wide X 18 1/2″ deep
524 STEAMER TRUNK Steamer Trunk with Inserts and Organizers, 32″ high X 23″ wide X 19″ deep
525 METAL CLOTHING RACK Metal Clothing Rack, 61″ X 67″
526 STUFFED ANIMALS, RAG DOLLS Strawberry Shortcake Doll, “Billie” doll in box, Glo Worm
527 VINTAGE DOLL, STUFFED ANIMALS Vintage Doll, Stuffed Weiner Dog, Red Bear, Tiger
528 VINTAGE DOLL, STUFFED ANIMALS Vintage Doll, Pink Bunny, Black Dog
529 VINTAGE DOLL, STUFFED ANIMALS Vintage Doll, (2) Stuffed Bunnies, Stuffed Cat
530 VINTAGE DOLL, STUFFED ANIMALS Vintage Doll, Stuffed Bunny, Vintage Baby Doll
531 VINTAGE DOLL, STUFFED ANIMALS Vintage Stuffed Monkey & (7) Vintage Dolls
532 VINTAGE BALL JARS (27) Ball Jars
534 VINTAGE BALL JARS (20) Ball Jars
537 VINTAGE BALL JARS, SOME WITH LIDS (12) Ball Jars and a Vase
538 CANNING JARS, JELLY JARS (1) Box of new Wide Mouth Canning Jars(12 in box), (1) Box of new Jelly Jars (6 in box)
539 VINTAGE BALL JARS, SOME WITH LIDS (7) Ball Jars, (6) Boxes Canning Lids
540 WHIRLPOOL DRYER Whirlpool 3 Cycle – 5 Temp Custom Dry Control, Model # LDE5800W1, Serial # M55020132
541 FREEZER 25  Large Chest Freezer, 25.3 Cubic Foot, 886 lb Capacity, 69 1/2″ Long X 35″ Tall X 30 1/4″ Deep
542 MAYTAG FRIDGE/FREEZER Maytag Fridge/Freezer, Model # PTB1753GR, 27 1/2 Wide X 67 1/4″ High X 28 7/8″ Deep
543 MAYTAG ELECTRIC STOVE Maytag Electric Stove, 30″ Wide X 48″ High X 27″ Deep
544 WHIRLPOOL WASHING MACHINE Whirlpool Washing Machine, Model # LSR7233DQ0, Serial # CE3440095, 10amp/120V, 20 lb Capacity/ Heavy Duty
545 QUASAR MICROWAVE Quasar Microwave, 20″ Wide X 12″ High X 12″ Deep
546 WOODEN END TABLE Wooden End Table with Upper Shelf & Drawer, 18″ Wide X 23″ High X 29″ Deep
547 MICROWAVE CART Microwave Cart with Cupboard and Drawer, 25″ Wide X 31 1/2″ High X 16″ Deep
548 (2) VINTAGE KITCHEN CHAIRS Vintage Kitchen Chairs
549 WIRE PLANTER RACK Wire Planter Rack 29″ High X 30″ Wide X 15″ Deep
550 WOODEN PLANT STAND Wooden Plant Stand 30″ High X 14″ Wide
551 CHINA HUTCH WITH GLASS DOORS China Hutch with Glass Doors, 71″ High X 52″ Wide X 16″ Deep
552 WOOD PLANT STAND Wood Plant Stand, 30″ High X 13″ Wide
553 WOODEN BENCH Wooden Bench 22″ High X 26″ Wide X 13″ Deep
554 VINTAGE DOLL STROLLER Vintage Doll Stroller, Vintage Doll, Vintage Doll Clothing
555 VINTAGE WALL PICTURE Vintage Wall Picture (outdoor scene)
556 PIANO AND BENCH Bulbransen Company Maker Piano with Bench
557 VINTAGE CHILDS ROCKER Vintage Wood Childs Rocker
558 VINTAGE WOODEN ROCKER WITH SEAT CUSHIONS Vintage Wooden Rocker with Seat Cushions
559 STANDUP LAMP, BAKING LADY DÉCOR Standup Lamp and Wood Baking Lady Décor
560 (2) PLANT STANDS (1) Wooden Plant Stand on Legs, (1) Wooden Plant Stand
561 WOODEN CHAIR Wooden Chair with Cushions and Wood Paper Stand
562 LG FLAT SCREEN TV/STAND/DVD PLAYER LG Flat Screen TV 37″, TV Stand 18″ High X 35 1/2″ Wide X 20″ Deep, RCA DVD/Video CD Player, 4 Remotes
563 VHS, DVD, CD’S, CASSETTES (2) Boxes of VHS Tapes, DVD’s, CD’s and Cassettes
564 (2) END TABLES (1) Glass Top End Table, (1) Small Wood Pedestal Table
565 ENTIRE TABLE OF HOME DÉCOR Rooster Salt and Pepper Shakers, (4) Decorative Plates, Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers, Small Knick Knacks, Candles, Plastic Basket (new), Thanksgiving Décor, Christmas Décor
569 WOODEN ROCKER RECLINER Wooden Rocker Recliner and Wooden Footstool with Storage
570 SECRETARY DESK Secretary Desk with 3 pull out Drawers
571 VINTAGE DRESSER/MIRROR Vintage Dressr with Tall Mirror and Side Drawers, 2 Large Bottom Drawers, 84″ High X 44″ Wide X 20″ Deep
572 WOODEN END TABLE Wooden End Table with Upper Shelf & Drawer, 18″ Wide X 23″ High X 29″ Deep
574 FULL BED SET Headboard, Frame, Mattress Box Spring
575 WOODEN SEWING CABINET Wooden Sewing Cabinet with White Sewing Machine
576 DICHAR/HAPPY BEAUTY World Dairy Expo Award, 1976, Japan’s Gift/Award to Chuck and Dianne Heike for winning the World Dairy Expo with their Cow
578 VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN STEREO Vintage Record Player and Radio
579 JAPANESE DÉCOR (2)  Boxes of Japanese Décor, fans, Umbrella, Apron, Table Décor
580 JAPANESE ROOM DIVIDER Japanese Room Divider on Wooden Ledge, 68″ Wide X 77″ High X 10″ Deep, Alton brought back from Japan when he was in the Service
581 COAT RACK/LIGHT FIXTURE/CHAIR Wooden Coat Rack, Hanging Flower Light Fixture, Sitting Chair with Matching Pillow
582 BLANKET (15) Blankets
583 FUR/HATS/FILING CABINET (2) Fur Collar Wraps, (6) Hats, Metal Filing Cabinet
585 STAMP COLLECTION Large Stamp Collection
586 LIGHT UP TREES/BANKS/DÉCOR (4) Boxes of Scale, (2) Light up Christmas Trees, Set of 4 Lighted Glitter Stakes (new in box), Robie Bank (new in box), mirrors, brushes, (2) Cow Wall Décor, (3) Address Books
588 CAMERAS/FILM, RECORDER Box of Old Cameras, Film, Cassette Recorder, Sound Design Cassette Tape Recorder, (8+ Cameras)
589 SAFARI LITE/ANSWERING SYSTEM/ALARM CLOCK Safari Lite, Small Electric Heater, Mail Guard, Cordless/Corded Answering System (2), Misc. Power Cords/Power Strips, Alarm Clock, Programmable Scanner
590 SHREDDER/SLICER Metal Shredder/ Slicer
592 (2) LARGE MIRRORS (1) 43″ High X 32″ Wide with Wood Frame, (1) 40″ High X 30″ Wide
593 WASHBOARD/SHAVING STUFF/BOBBINS (3) Boxes of Small Washboard, Sport Highball, Seidlitz Powder Tin, Shaving Stuff, Small Glass Bottles, Sewing Machine Accessories Tin, Hardware, Old Wooden Bobbins, Old Goggles
594 GILMANTON MILL DUSTPAN Gilmanton Mill – Mondovi Feed Store Dust Pan
595 TY LITTLE BEANIES IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING (2) Glory, (2) Maple, (2) Erin, (2) Britannia, (4) Trading Cards
596 TY MEMBERSHIP CASE Ty Membership Case, Ty Calender, Ty – Stilts, (3) Ty Collector Cards
597 TY BUDDIES AND BEANIES Snowboy, Hope, Clubby, We Do, Thank You(in case), 2000 Holiday, Thank You
598 (6) TY BEANIES Peanut, Spange (White Face), Flittler, Snip, Pinchers, Scaly
599 (5) TY BEANIES India, Pouch, Inch, Chip, Canyon
600 (7) TY BEANIES Zip, Rainbow, Groovy, Mooch, Fortune, Ants, Fleece
601 (6) TY BEANIES Kuku, SnowBall, Baldy, Ears, Stretch, Rocket
602 (5) TY BEANIES Eggbert, Quacker, Velvet, Roam, Nicholas
603 (3) TY BEANIES Hissy, Butch, Fetch
604 12 DIVIDER BEANIE VAULT 12 Divider Beanie Vault
605 (5) TY BEANIES Erin, Kicks, Nibbler, 1997 Teddy, Osito
606 (5) TY BEANIES Righty, 1999 Signature, Swirly, Valentina, Hippity
607 (6) TY BEANIES Princess, Sammy, Wise, 1998 Holiday Teddy, Millennium, B.B. Bear
608 (6) TY BEANIES Spangle, Eggs, Pumkin, Pecan, Lefty, Fuzz
609 (6) TY BEANIES Clubby, Wiser, Beak, Millenium, Tiny, Sweetheart
610 (5) TY BEANIES The Beginning, Patriot, Hope, Glory, Lips
611 12 DIVIDER BEANIE VAULT 12 Divider Beanie Vault
612 (5) TY BEANIES Wallace, The End, 1998 Holiday Teddy, Whisper, Honks
613 (6) TY BEANIES Halo, Sheets, Spangle, Rover, Halo, Tracker
614 (5) TY BEANIES Gigi, Scottie, Chipper, Nanook, Pugsly
615 (6) TY BEANIES Peace, Ty2K, Shamrock, Wrinkles, Tuffy, Derby
616 (4) TY BEANIES Curly, Spunky, 1999 Holiday, Christmas Bear
617 12 DIVIDER BEANIE VAULT 12 Divider Beanie Vault
618 (6) TY BEANIES Hippity, SeaWeed, Nibbly, Eucalyptus, Puffer, Strut
619 (6) TY BEANIES Jabber, Luke, Slowpoke, Hippie, Amber, Cayon
620 (6) TY BEANIES Zero, Chocolate, Rocket, Peppermint, Hoppity, Santa
621 (6) TY BEANIES Smoochy, Cheeks, Nuts, 2000 Holiday Teddy, Paul, Jake
622 (7) TY BEANIES Prickles, Goochy, Loosy, Mac, December, Mac, Scorch
623 (5) TY BEANIES Snowgirl, Stinger, Early, Scat, America
624 12 DIVIDER BEANIE VAULT 12 Divider Beanie Vault
625 (6) TY BUDDIES Clubby, Fuzz, Halo, Holiday Bear Style 5700, Clubby 2, Humphrey
626 VINTAGE RAGGEDY ANN’S MYSTERY BOOK Vintage raggedy Ann’s Mystery Book. Copyright 1947 by The Johnny Gruelle Company.
627 VINTAGE WALT DISNEY’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK Vintage Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Book. Copyright, 1951, by Walt Disney Productions. Whitman Publishing Co. Racine, WIS.
628 VINTAGE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD BOOK Vintage Little Red Riding Hood. Copyright, 1944 By Duenewald Printing Corp., New York.
629 VINTAGE LITTLE PETS ABC BOOK Vintage Little Pets ABC Book. Copyright 1904, By McLoughlin Bros., New York. 
630 VINTAGE HANKYVENTURES BY WALT DISNEY BOOK Vintage Hankyventures by Walt Disney. 1939 Walt Disney Productions. 
631 VINTAGE WALT DISNEY BOOK Vintage Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories. 23 Stories. By Joel Chandler Harris. A Giant Golden Book. Copyright 1946, 1947 By Walt disney Productions.
632 VINTAGE SWINTON’S LANGUAGE PRIMER BOOK Vintage Swinton’s Language Primer Beginner’s Lessons in Speaking and Writing English. By: William Swinton, A.M. New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, Franklin Square. 1875
633 VINTAGE WISCONSIN FARMERS’ INSTITUTES Vintage Wisconsin Farmers’ Institutes, Cook Book No.1. Compiled by Miss Edith L. Clift. Madison, Wis., December 31, 1908
634 VINTAGE BARNES’ NEW MATHEMATICS BOOK Vintage Barnes’ New Mathematics, Practical Arithmetic by Joseph Ficklin, PH. D. Columbia, MO 1881
635 VINTAGE OSGOOD’S PROGRESSIVE THIRD READER Vintage Osgood’s Progressive Third Reader. 
636 VINTAGE CUSHING’S MANUAL Vintage Manual of Parliamentary Practice. Rules of Proceeding and Debate In Deliberative Assemblies. By Luther S. Cushing. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1844. Copyright 1877.
637 VINTAGE PROGRESSIVE INTELLECTUAL ARITHMETIC Vintage Robinson’s Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic Book. Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., Publishers, New York & Chicago. 1874. Has a Stamp on Inside Cover for Arcadia, WI
638 VINTAGE QUACKENBOS’S ELEMENTARY HISTORY BOOK Vintage Quackenbos’s Elementary History Book of the United States. Appleton and Co. New York. 1880
639 VINTAGE FIFTH READER BOOK Vintage Fifth Reader Book, Copyright by D. Apple??? And Company, Date ???. Very old Book
640 VINTAGE RAY’S PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC BOOK Vintage Ray’s Practical Arithmetic Book. Couldn’t Find Copyright Date or Publishers. Very Old.
641 VINTAGE MONDOVI METHODIST CHURCH, ENCYCLOPEDIA, WALT DISNEY BOOK Vintage “A Century of Methodism” 1858-1958 Mondovi Methodist Church Book. Vintage Everybody’s Complete Encyclopedia, Whitman Publishing Company – Racine, WI, Copyright 1937. Vintage Alice in Wonderland Wald Disney Book, Whitman Publishing Co, Racine, WI Copyright 1945.
642 VINTAGE NEW THIRO READER Vintage McGuffey’s New Third Eclectic Reader. For Young Learners. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1857.
643 VINTAGE RAY’S PRIMARY ARITHMETIC BOOK Vintage Ray’s Primary Arithmetic For Young Learners, By Joseph Ray, M.D. Copyright Date ??, Published by ???


644 FULL CAPTAIN’S BED Twin Size Captain’s Bed with Headboard
645 OAK ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Oak Handmade Entertainment Center. 29″ opening for TV, 24″ deep, 54″ wide, 4′ high.
646 DYSON VACUUM Dyson Vaccum
647  OLD WINDOWS 4 Window Sashes, 2 Clear and 2 With Grids
648 OLD WINDOWS 5 Window Sashes, Some Clear Glass, Some With Grids
649 OLD WINDOWS 5 Window Sashes, Some Clear Glass, Some With Grids
650 ALUMINUM TOOLBOX Aluminum Tool Box that fits Full Size Truck Bed
651 STAINED GLASS 2 Leaded Glass Flowers in Oak Frame
652 VINTAGE COLUMBIA SPORT BIKE Vintage Woman’s Bike, Columbia Sport III             

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